Designer, Teacher and Quiltmaker, Simonetta Marini does!

I am Italian and I live with my husband, two teenagers and two cats in Bologna, the oldest University in the world and mother of tortellini and mortadella.

I have been quilting for 15 years. I saw “How to make an American Quilt” with Winona Ryder and then, after some time, I began to read magazines where I have seen wonderful quilts and thought: Thatʼs my destiny! I bought a sewing machine and I begin to try to quilt. It was love with the very first quilt. So I began to take classes, read books, created and then taught to others. A real passion was born.

Then I was introduced to EQ software when it was only version 4. As many of us I have a chronic lack of time and EQ was the right way to help me. Immediately I fell in love with it. EQ staff and EQ mailing list members helped me to improve very quickly. I was so interested in it that I wished to show it to other italian quilters. I have only a great handicap to my goal: the language trouble. The software was in english! So I decided I can translate the EQ User manual to Italian! And this is what I have done: it was a great success.

Moreover I began a business of providing my personal assistance and classes on the EQ program (see more about this on my site I also show EQ demos anytime I can. Today, I teach quilting techniques and I am the main EQ teacher in Italy. I also use EQ to create my lessons and demos. Moreover, some Italian quilt shops ask me to create original patterns for them to sell with fabrics kits that I also create with Electric Quilt software.

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