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As always I have worked up every one of my new quilts and projects in EQ and just can’t wait to start transferring everything over to my new Mac version. I have been waiting for this to happen since the very first day I started working on EQ! In fact I have to share with you that I have an old PC in my office whose sole and entire purpose is for my EQ projects. Other than that, I am exclusively a Mac girl and am so very, very happy that EQ has joined that platform!!






“I create most of my designs in my head or in my sketchbook. But when it comes time to figure out how the quilt is actually going to look and which setting will be the best, EQ is absolutely invaluable to me. It helps me to create options that I would never have come up with on my own and it makes the quilt in my head “real” before I cut into a single scrap of fabric.
I love it!”

~ Joanna Figueroa

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Featured EQ Artist Project:


“Pinwheel Pops”
“Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy our simple little charm pack project, Pinwheel Pops. I took one of my favorite mini charm patterns, Tootsie Pops, and thought it would look great a little bit bigger made with my favorite charm packs instead of mini charms. All you will need to make this quilt is (2) 5″ charm packs, some cream background yardage and border fabric for this 62 1/2″ square quilt. I recommend cutting the charm packs in half, piecing the triangles with matching cream triangles and then trimming the resulting square down to 4″ even. That way you will end up with 10 1/2″ pinwheels when finished. Hope you have fun! I used my Tapestry collection for this version but can’t wait to try it out with Honeysweet or even Somerset when I return from Market. Happy playing!”  -Joanna