Designer, Elizabeth Chappell does!

My name is Elizabeth Chappell and I am the owner of Quilters Candy.  When I first entered the quilting world it was to share a monthly subscription box called Quilters Candy Box.  I searched high and low for the best quilt patterns and notions to share with others.  As I looked for and tested a variety of quilt patterns for the box, my brain started dreaming up my own designs.  I wasn’t sure how to go about writing a quilt pattern, but I had someone recommend EQ8.  I am SO glad I used this product to learn to create quilt patterns.  It has made the process fun and easy for me.  In fact, I have a course where I am teaching others how to write and sell their own quit patterns now, and I teach how to use EQ8 in my course.  It really is the easiest and most enjoyable way to create your own quilt pattern designs. 

“I love how easy EQ8 makes it to create quilt patterns.  I used EQ8 to create each and every one of my quilts.”

~Elizabeth Chappell

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Bundles of Joy quilt by Elizabeth Chappell


Bundles of Joy quilt design in EQ8


Snow Globes quilt by Elizabeth Chappell


Snow Globes quilt design in EQ8