Author, designer, and teacher, Donna Lynn Thomas does!

Donna has been sewing since the age of four and passionately quilting since 1975. She began teaching in 1981, and as an Army wife, lived in Germany for four years where she thoroughly enjoyed teaching at a German quilt shop and various guilds throughout the country. Now out of the Army, the Thomas’ have settled in Kansas. Donna continues to teach and speak nationally.

Donna places a strong focus on mastering basic and precision skills, not to please the quilt police, but rather to help quilters reduce frustration and thus better enjoy the creative process. She is the designer of the Omnigrip On-Point ruler.

The author of 18 quilt books since the late 1980′s, Donna continues to write and contribute articles to various quilt-related publications. Currently she writes a column, Quilting Fundamentals, for Modern Quilts Unlimited. You can watch Donna’s class, Piece Like a Pro, on Craftsy.

Her two most recent books are The Anniversary Sampler Quilt and Teeny Tiny Quilts

Her greatest joy is her husband, Terry, and their two sons, Joe and Pete. Equally dear to her heart are her daughters-in-law, both named Katie, and Donna’s most-perfect-in-every-way granddaughters, Charlotte and Alexandra.

Donna and Terry provide staff assistance to their two cats, Max and Skittles, and a kiddie pool and ear scratches to one sunny golden retriever, Ellie. All the quilts in their house are lovingly ”pre-furred”.


“I’ve used EQ software extensively since it’s earliest days for all my books, patterns, and workshop designs. EQ8 introduces a totally new look and format that’s extremely user friendly. I’ve already started my designing my new projects on it. Thank you EQ for the best update ever!”

~ Donna Lynn Thomas



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