Do you EQ? Designer & Owner of KISSed QUILTS, Marlene Oddie does!

“When I started to quilt in 2001, I used some old graph paper saved from my math classes years earlier to design concepts for quilts. As a super-user of computers, I knew there had to be something out there that would allow me to design on the computer. Within a couple of years, my sister gave me EQ5. I was immediately hooked! I was able to design quilts for local charities and projects for friends and family. When I volunteered to be responsible for the block lotto in our local quilt guild, I used EQ to design blocks and used the rotary cutting instructions to help me write the pattern each month. My boyfriend at the time, got me the EQ6 upgrade and I knew he was a keeper! I didn’t even know how to use the appliqué function when the Rose of Sharon contest was launched in 2009. While in Houston I played with the project file provided and submitted my blocks. One made it into the book (the basket block) and another onto the DVD (the bird block). Now my husband, he is supporting me as I design in EQ7 and develop my KISSed Quilts business. I’ve had the opportunity to teach EQ privately and at my local quilt shop. Using EQ to create a visual concept of someone’s idea is very rewarding when you see their face light up more and more throughout the development lifecycle.”

- Marlene Oddie
Designer and owner of KISSed QUILTS

Marlene writes for the Country Register and provides block tutorials drawn in EQ7. She also teaches the software and used it extensively in preparation for her award-winning ‘Rosie’s BOMb’ quilt.

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Using photos of Orphan Blocks and drawing a paper-pieced block
Simple Shapes Transformed – Using applique shapes to create an unexpected bird
Layout Designs for multiple borders
Red and White quilts – using a Quick Start Project and going beyond

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