We realize some of our users are extremely talented in EQ7 and could share their work and teach others how to use their EQ7 to the fullest. So we call on you to submit your lessons, tutorials, and project downloads for consideration. We can’t list everything on our website but if your project or lesson is one we can use, we would love to post it.

Although we cannot offer compensation for your work, we do link to your website or blog where your content is hosted. We do not host your work on our website. We do this so that you gain the much deserved traffic to your website. We will post an image of the project or lesson, a short description, and a link to the location you provide us.

In order for your submission to be considered please make sure your content meets
the following criteria:

  • EQ7 focused
  • Free of cost
  • You should have a link back to DoYouEQ.com (a link or blog badge is acceptable).
  • You are submitting your original work
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