Just thought I’d send you the photos of a reversible rag quilt that I just completed for my daughter to use with her new “college” bedding. I’ve called it “Seasons of Love” because a few of the fabrics are winter themed but the colours look very spring-like to me.

Although the quilt is a very simple design (it is my own design), EQ6 was a great help as we choose the colour layouts for each side. Most of the fabrics were part of a line exclusively for our local fabric store, so they weren’t in any EQ libraries, nor were clips of them available online, but I was able to find fabrics in the EQ libraries that were similar enough to give an idea of what the finished quilt would look like. We tried many different combinations, and my daughter was able to choose the ones that she liked the best for each side.

I also used EQ to choose the quilting motifs. Each different colour of block has a different motif, all chosen from the “Quiltmaker” volumes. I used my embroidery software to digitize the quilting motifs, and quilted each block using my embroidery machine.