At Thanksgiving, I showed my  granddaughter, Hilary, the Electric Quilt software program. The two of us sat down and designed this quilt.  The software is so easy, a child can use it.

I made the quilt and gave it to her for her 8th birthday.  She was thrilled.  She remembered designing it with me last November and loved to see the finished product.

I named the quilt “A Gaggle of Geese”.  I have included a copy of my label in this email. I used my embroidery machine to make the label, incorporating a photo of my granddaughter and myself that was taken last Thanksgiving.  I included the dates, and gave her credit for assisting with the designing.  I also incorporate a pattern of the quilt block that I used into the label.

It was fun.  Maybe I will be able to teach her how to sew/quilt sometime in the future.