EQ Projects

These project files will open right up into your Electric Quilt software. After downloading, open EQ and click the “View Sketchbook” button. There you’ll find any quilts, blocks and fabrics included in each project!

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Here are some cute Halloween themed blocks for you! You can also download Happy Haunting for more Halloween fun. Happy Halloween! If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to Heidi@electricquilt.com.


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy these fun & free blocks!


Apparently winter doesn’t start until December 21st. But, it feels like it’s here! Stay warm working on some projects, and here are some free blocks to get you started!


EQ designer Heidi Kory was inspired by the all the easy -make dolls you see online and drew her own characters in EQ7. Without drawing anything you could change their outfits, hair, skin and eye color. With a little bit of drawing you can change hair styles, add accessories, whatever you’d like to do.


Happy Holidays from the Electric Quilt Company! Download these blocks for your EQ8, or EQ7 software!


You can use these cute little bags as a place card at your holiday dinner or, just as a treat bag.

Calendario QI

Simonetta Marini gives you this this simple calendar created with EQ blocks. In the middle there is the star and logo representing her national association Quilt Italia.


Thanks to Danka Kruszewska from Germany we can all enjoy this Christmas EQ design for your EQ8 & EQ7!

Export Image Front

Get this JOY Christmas Quilt designed by Angela Glaze of WeeShare.net.


Download this beautiful Angel quilt for the holiday season! Check out the entire Angels collection from Sindy Rodenmayer!


Designed by EQ’s own Heidi Kory, get this cheery holiday quilt EQ8 or EQ7 file and deck your halls for the season.


This popular designer gets featured designs in magazines continuously. She shares many EQ-designed quilt patterns with you.


Get the EQ7 project file for this cute mug warmer!


You saw her quilt in our very own EQ Quilt Gallery, and EQ Special Offers “Awesome Quilts” email…  Evelyn Towsend graciously share her stunning quilt project file with you. Thanks Evelyn!


Talk about an easy project! Just print these flags with your customer letters already on them and sew together. Just print each flag on to EQ Printables Fabric, cut, and sew!


Perfect for Father’s Day, this simple paint can just needed some Peel and Stick fabric neck ties printed in various colorful patterns. Don’t forget the photo of the kids! Get the EQ7 project file for the necktie shape, print them onto Peek & Stick fabric and get going! Don’t forget to print some photos of the kids to include.


La dee dah! This new spring fabric collection from FreeSpirit colors a simple zig/zag design to play with.


This banner is quick and easy to make. Just add your own colors, change the flower applique to something you like better and then marvel at how cute it looks hanging at the party! Print out the templates for the letters and one for the block. Better yet, add image of your party girl or boy to personalize the banner! With EQ7 new Image work table you…


Jazz up your holiday quilt border with some twinkling lights.


With today’s unpredictable weather, it could snow ANYWHERE!

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