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Speaking at Quilt Guilds

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Speaking at Quilt Guilds

Postby PDGCreates » Fri May 30, 2014 8:16 pm

I've been teaching at a local quilt store for about a year. A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a guild meeting. I'll be doing another one in July. My issue is that I can talk about EQ7 for HOURS... I have problems condensing that to a 30-45 minute session. Any suggestions for successful quilt guild meeting presentations?
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Re: Speaking at Quilt Guilds

Postby barbequilter » Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:33 pm

Hi. It's great that you have the opportunity to speak to a guild about your favorite subject.

I would suggest a slide show of various kinds of quilt layouts that can be performed in EQ7 to give everyone a taste of what the program has to offer. Show what a basic quilt worktable is and then show what the library has to offer for Blocks and Fabrics. Demonstrate how to create a simple quilt and then show how you can get patterns and fabric yardage.

From there you can show a few of the bells and whistles. If you demonstrate the Symmetries tool on the quilt worktable, it's awesome to many. Show the Random Recolor tool because it's fun to use. Show how you can color the quilt with solids and fabrics and get yardage when you're finished.

Show some of the other quilt layouts that are automatic.

Show how to add borders and sashing.

Don't speed through any of the demo. Ask for questions as you go along. Be confident in what you are demonstrating.

If you want to demonstrate anything with drawing, draw a very simple asymmetrical block with three lines. Color. Add to Sketchbook and set in a 4 x 4 block Horizontal quilt. Then show what the Symmetries tool can do for a block no one has ever seen before. Go to PatchDraw > Applique and show what the Wreathmaker can do.

These are the bells and whistles of the program that are eye catching.

Good luck!

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