Winnipeg, MB  Canada

This quilt was inspired while watching the ice skating competitions during the Sochi Winter Olympics.  I decided to use some of the quilt patterns I had submitted to the clubEQ Challenges over the years (since 2000) and use them in making a quilt tapestry  like the colourful ones seen at Sochi.
This took up far to much space to submit to the challenge, but seeing the blue and white “quilt tapestries” behind the skaters as they waited for their marks, I decided to change those quilts to blue and white. (Had to make sure I had the same RGB values in each project to colour the blue)  The quilt images were Exported, then imported into the Photo section of my challenge project.  Then I  used the Copy to Fabric button on each photo and had my “fabric” to place into the diamonds.  The fussy cut tool was used to place the fabric to get the full effect of each pattern