One of my current interests is the era before, during and after the Civil War and all that women did to support the cause.  In Jennifer Chiaverini’s book “The Union Quilters,” Dorothea sends her husband Thomas off to war with her beloved Dove in the Window quilt.  This is my version of her quilt.

At the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y. I saw an 1800s era quilt with the words “Made by Your Mother” appliqued right across the middle of the quilt in the front!  Although that is not a very useful label for us, she sure made sure her child never forgot who made the quilt.

Back to Dorothea… I imagine that the quilt survived the war and Dorothea passed it on to her child, but not before she appliqued her label.  :)   (I haven’t finished the book yet.)

Brockport, N.Y.
September 2013