Here’s a way to simulate yo-yo’s visually in EQ6: 1. WORKTABLE > Work on Block. 2. BLOCK > New Block > EasyDraw Block. 3. Snap to Grid and Snap to Node ON. 4. Draw this: 5. Add it to the Sketchbook. 6. WORKTABLE > Work on Quilt. 7. Set Block tool. Set the block in the space you want. 8. If you want it in a border, try setting it to Tile Squares and increase the number of blocks in the border until you get the yo-yo diameter: 9. If the number doesn’t go as high as you need it to, go to QUILT > Options and change this number: 10. Then right-click on the quilt on layer 1 and uncheck the outline options to see what the finished quilt would look like: Use your normal method of construction for the yo-yo’s. This technique is purely for a visual idea