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Hard at work on Amy Butler Quilts

Posted 01-19-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

We’re coming out with a new software in May called “Amy Butler Quilts.” It’s going to be filled with quilt, pillow, & purse ideas using Amy’s newest fabric lines. It’s fun working with the new fabrics. They are all lovely pinks, peaches, sea greens, blues & browns. We’ve been in constant contact with Amy’s office while working on the new software… writing directions, taking photos, sewing. We split the construction of the projects with Amy’s crew and are sewing 4 of Amy’s quilt designs. (They are so much fun.) EQ staffers, Margaret Okuley and Sara Woodward, have been sewing up a storm trying to finish the quilts in time for January 22nd. (There’s a photo shoot next week.) I wandered over to the graphics/sewing office today and surprise-surprise Margaret was there. (She works at EQ on Tuesday and Friday and at her quilt shop the other days.) What made it

Did you sew one of our Mystery Quilts?

Posted 01-19-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last mystery, EQuinox, on our website. Megan McMorris is writing new episodes for the next mystery. We’re so excited… even only after 2 chapters so far. We’d like to start an album of all the finished quilts. If anyone sewed the EQuinox quilt, please send a photo of the quilt or of you plus the quilt to

Obama Mini Quilts- From Barbara Brackman

Posted 01-19-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Author and Quilt Historian Barbara Brackman shared these awesome quilts and printable fabric patterns in celebration of the inauguration. She Photoshop’d the the photos of Barack Obama and Joe Biden into an old fabric pattern she had of George Washington and then printed the fabric onto EQ printable fabrics to make these mini quilt keepsakes. Visit Barbara’s website to read more about how she created these quilts and learn how you can down load the Obama/Biden fabric pattern to make your own quilts! Thanks for sharing Barbara!

New website coming

Posted 01-15-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

We’re working on a web-redesign here at EQ. Don’t be surprised if you stop by and see a whole new look within the next month. -Andrea

Current Contest – only 14 days left to submit your guess

Posted 01-14-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Don’t forget to submit your answer for the Who’s your Mama? Contest: Win $50 gift certificate for EQ stuff if you guess correctly. Entries must be received by Jan. 28th 9 a.m. Eastern.

January ClubEQ Challenge

Posted 01-12-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Don’t forget to send in your file for the January challenge: A Firm Foundation. Challenge leader Barb Vlack says: “Design a quilt or two that can be pieced with a foundation. The foundation piecing should be the major construction technique, though you may add design elements that require a different construction method, such as appliqué. Try designing your own foundation pattern with EasyDraw! Or alter a foundation pattern from the EQ6 block library. You may make some great discoveries for new blocks.” We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Remember, send entries to by January 31, 2009.

New Quilt University Class

Posted 01-09-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

EQ quilt designer and teacher Lily Kerns wrote us about a new class she will be teaching on Quilt University called Super Sue and we thought you might want to check it out. Here’s the description from Quilt U: “As far back as Sunbonnet Sue, quilters have added people to their quilts.  Lily Kerns sees those people as all grown up and facing the world.  She shows you how to use a repositionable mannequin to make action figures and how to design clothes for them.  You can use her patterns or your own, either in traditional settings or on an interactive quilt with interchangeable figures, clothing and backgrounds.  A mini art lesson is included each week to help you develop your drawing skills.  Level: Strong basic skills and adventurous spirit.  Lily’s classes are not 1-2-3 projects.  She sees multiple possibilities at every step.  There will be more ideas here than

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