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Love, love, love this blog

Posted 05-07-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Have you seen Glynis Thompson’s blog? The site has such a straight-forward, clean design which really lets the quilts stand out. I mean… that’s what it’s all about right?… quilts… The designs are complete eye-candy… so fun to look at and just ponder. I am impressed by her drawing abilities… so much variation in the curvy/spikey piecing and even appliqué. Way to go Glynis… I can’t wait to see what you come up with next… (no pressure).

New blog category – Printable Fabric Gallery

Posted 05-07-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

It’s hard to believe that our blog is 5 years old. Penny was looking through the posts today and found some really great pictures of Printable Fabric quilts and projects. There were so many that we created a new category on our blog. Check out these quilts and projects made with our EQ Printables: Inkjet Fabric Sheets. Do you have a printable fabric quilt you’d like to show? If so, email the picture and story to

Drawing Continuous Filler Quilting Designs

Posted 05-04-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Someone asked on Info-EQ last month how to draw a filler design. My answer was … it’s hard… really hard… and I have to do about 15 of them for Volume 7 of Quiltmaker Quilting Designs. They asked me to post how I got the perfect tracing image to create continuous Allover quilting designs, once I figured it out. It’s difficult to get the “repeat”. There are ways to do this if you’re working with an existing image (using Photoshop) and there are ways to do this natively in EQ, if you’re drawing from scratch. I’ll show the basics of both ways. Making the Image in Photoshop Start with an image. Increase the Canvas size to give yourself some work room. I usually switch from pixels to inches at this point and make is something nice and even… like 15″ wide by 13.5″ high (instead of 14.917 by 12.634). Choose

Finished Quilt from the Let it Snow Kaleidoscope Lesson

Posted 05-04-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Imagine my surprise and delight this morning, when I opened my mailbox to see a note from Margaret Gray, with a picture attached. “I have the Kaleidoscope Software, and do enjoy it. I have completed the Snowflake quilt…in Feb 2009, and thought you might want to see my completed project. Mine is a little larger (66 by 66) than what the instructions said, and I added a little piping at the binding. This will belong to my son who is studying astrophysics, as the snowflakes sort of look like stars.” Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment. The snowflakes do look like stars and constellations and their own little swirling galaxies. I am so excited to see your work Margaret. I hope your son ‘geeks out’ about the quilt. It is great for an astrophysicist. Great job! I’m honored that you chose to sew one of the web

Classes, Classes and more Classes

Posted 05-01-2009 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

I just updated the Class Listing page. There were a bunch! Some of the new classes include: North Carolina Quilt Symposium, Peace College, Raleigh, NC May 29-31, 2009 Teacher: Barb Vlack Minnesota Quilters, Duluth, MN June 10-13, 2009 Teacher: Barb Vlack The National Quilting Association Show, Columbus, Ohio June 18-20, 2009 Teacher: Barb Vlack TAQS Quilt Expo—Knoxville, TN July 22-25, 2009 Teacher: Barb Vlack Quilt Nebraska 2009 – Lincoln, NE July 24-25, 2009 Teacher: Andrea Bishop Quilt Festival Houston, Texas, George R. Brown Convention Center October 12-17, 2009 Teachers: Barb Vlack and Mary Ellen Kranz

Another Virtual Quilt Brought to Life!

Posted 05-01-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

A while back Judy Butcher, blogger for Virtual Quilter, designed this gorgeous quilt in EQ6 and posted it on her blog to share. Her blog follower Gina saw the quilt and loved it! So, she contacted Judy and asked if she could actually make the quilt for a wounded soldier. Judy of course said, “Go for it!” Since both woman had EQ6 Judy was able to share the file with Gina so that she could make the quilt without any further instruction from Judy. How cool is that? So just recently, Judy received a photo of the finished quilt top that Gina had made. It turned out so beautifully and we love the splash of color that Gina added to the design. Way to team up on such a pretty and much appriciated project. We know some lucky solider will be so pleased and thankful. Great job ladies!

EQ School House Schedule For Pittsburgh Market

Posted 04-29-2009 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

We hope to see you there! May 14, 2009: Amy Butler Softwares Speakers – Amy Butler and Penny McMorris Room – 320 Time – 2:00pm-2:15pm Length – 15 minutes Description – A new software program for beginning quilt makers. See beautiful inspiration & design ideas, plus lots of easy quilt, pillow & bag projects to make with any of her fabrics. Kaleidoscope Collection & Free Club Speaker – Andrea Bishop Room – 320 Time – 2:20pm-2:35pm Length – 15 minutes Description – Learn how this EQ6 add-on with 500 kaleidoscope foundation blocks can give you a full year of free EQ6 lesson ideas to use for your store or EQ6 club. Continuous Line Stencils Speaker – Andrea Bishop Room – 320 Time – 2:40pm-2:55pm Length – 15 minutes Description – See hundreds of continuous line quilting stencils from our new Quilting Designs: Quiltmaker Collection CD (Volume 6). Learn to link,

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