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Looking for EQ classes?

Posted 12-17-2008 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Fran Iverson Gonzalez, author of EQ6 Simplified, will be teaching an online series of classes. You can find one right for you whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced EQer. The classes are offered vis, and sign ups are going on now.

Welcome Back Sara Woodward!

Posted 12-16-2008 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Tradition around the EQ office is that when you leave for an extended vacation (honeymoon or maternity, the two most happening things around here) something happens to your stuff! We like to surprise the “returnee” with something on their first day back. In the past we’ve filled a cubical with balloons, covered a desk with sticky notes, put staplers into jello and many more. But we might have topped ourselves when Sara Woodward returned from maternity leave today! We wrapped her whole desk and all the little details with newspaper! It was priceless. Of course its all in good fun so Sara got a kick out of it… but she was still cleaning it up well into the afternoon. Hey, it’s the price you pay.

Booth Question #7 (Hexagons)

Posted 12-15-2008 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

7) How do I make a skewed hexagon that is the length of two hexagons. Go to WORKTABLE > Work on Block. BLOCK > New Block > PatchDraw Motif. Make sure VIEW > Precision Bar has a check next to it. Click the Pick tool. Set your block size, snaps, & graph paper. Make sure Snapping Options 1, 2, 3, and 5 are turned on. Click the Polygon flyout and choose the hexagon. Point anywhere in the block outline. Hold the CTRL key as you click, hold and drag diagonally down. Release when you have a perfectly vertical hexagon (that is a little smaller than half the block). Click the Center button on the Precision Bar. Click the left arrow next to “y” until it is zero. Don’t touch x. *If you are going to combine the small one with the long hexagon, I recommend clicking Add to Sketchbook right

Digital Essentials Review

Posted 12-15-2008 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

We wanted to share another Digital Essentials review this time from Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine: Digital Essentials – The quilt makers must-have guide to images, files, and more! …After definitions, Gloria explains how to enlarge, straighten, adjust the color or even change or eliminate the background of your digital quilt photos. She gives explicit instructions for working with each software program, and illustrations include computer screen shots and drop down menus as she walks you through each task in a direct, step-by-step, fashion. Side by side photos showing the results of adjusting such settings as saturation, sharpen and brightness are found throughout the book.ce. Whether you want to use your images to simply print, print on fabric, combine images, prepare a Power Point presentation, upload you quilt photos to a website or create image sizes which conform to the requirements for quilt show entries, Digital Essentials has the answer. There

Free EQ6 Project from Carol Clasper

Posted 12-12-2008 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Download this pretty quilt project for your EQ6 compliments of Carol Clasper’s blog. Here’s the post where she’s made the download available.

Mystery Quilt Gallery

Posted 12-11-2008 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

With the last mystery quilt “Skylights“, members of the Heritage Quilt Guild, from Athens, Tennessee actually followed along and sewed finished quilts. (NO PEEKING IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THE MYSTERY!) If anyone is sewing along for the current mystery “EQuinox” or the Mystery Project for Kaleidoscope Collectors… let us know! We’d love to start another gallery showing finished quilts! Email with your name and the photo of the finished quilt. Thanks!

Booth Question #6 (Quilt Backs)

Posted 12-11-2008 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

6) How do I design a quilt back to go with the front of my quilt? This one is fun. I recommend trying out a Horizontal or Vertical Strip Quilt for this. Here’s the front of my quilt: If I make note of the finished size in the bottom corner of my screen, I know exactly how big to make the back. So click QUILT > New Quilt > Vertical Strip Quilt. Go to the Borders tab and delete off the border. On the Layout tab, change the width of the strips and add any strips as necessary. Play with the “clone” feature to speed up your design. You can do plain strips or set the strip style to Plain Blocks if you want to do more detail. You want to make the size of this quilt the same dimensions as the front measurements you wrote down. Color the back

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