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Q & A with Kelly Mueller & GIVEAWAY!

Posted 01-27-2016 by | Posted in: Contests Downloads From Our Users Q&A Related Blogs

Contest is now closed. Doreen Hendrickson is our winner! Kelly Mueller is the owner and designer behind The Wooden Bear! The Wooden Bear sells adorable patterns, kits, and other sewing related products. I asked Kelly to tell us a little bit about herself and her experience and success with EQ Printable Inkjet Fabrics. Read our Q&A below: EQ: First of all, let’s hear a little about you! Kelly: I grew up in Independence, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City.  I attended college and received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  I went for the accounting degree because it fits me- I’m a bit of an organized analyzer- but also because I grew up crafting.  I thought if I could find a craft that I thoroughly enjoyed, and could be a viable business, I would have what I needed to begin.  I also met my husband, Brian, in college.  He makes life

Q&A with Marlene Oddie and FREE blocks!

Posted 12-02-2015 by | Posted in: Favorite Posts Q&A

We love the chance to spread news about our EQ Artists. Check out Marlene Oddie’s new book, “You can Quilt! Building Skills for Beginners.” I asked our good friend Marlene to tell us a little bit about the book, herself and her experience with EQ7. Read our Q&A below: EQ: Congratulations on the release of your new book, You Can Quilt! Building Skills for Beginners. Tell us about it! Marlene: The book is a great resource for learning skills and lots of great tips for a wide variety of piecing techniques and various shapes. It all started with Leila Gardunia’s Skill Builder Sampler Quilt-a-long (QAL) and her use of Rosie the Riveter for her QAL blog button. EQ: Before we discuss your experience with EQ7, tell us about yourself! Marlene: Engineer by education, project manager by profession, and now a quilter by passion. I had a career in financial services

Q&A with Kimmy Brunner

Posted 10-16-2015 by | Posted in: Favorite Posts Q&A

Have you seen this year’s International Quilt Festival’s raffle quilt? It was designed by an EQ user, Kimmy Brunner! She told me all about it in our interview below! EQ: Congratulations on making the 2015 Raffle Quilt for the International Quilt Festival in Houston! Tell us about the process of being chosen for this and how it felt! Kimmy: I was simply thrilled. This is an honor that I *never* expected would be bestowed on me and I am grateful beyond words. The Board of the International Quilt Association (IQA) decides who will be asked and they approach the artist several years in advance. The artist has the choice of working with a partner, or making the quilt themselves. I chose to make mine a solo quilt. An original design must be submitted for approval to the Board two years before the raffle date (I simply saved my [EQ7] design


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[This contest is closed.] Carmen was nice enough to offer a free EQ7 project for everyone AND a copy of her new book to one lucky person! Details are at the bottom of the post. As much as we like to find beautiful quilts that were designed with EQ7, we really like to find whole books of quilts designed with EQ7! We heard about EQ user, Carmen Geddes’s new book “Ten Quilts for Ten Sisters” and just had to interview her about these quilts. Read below to find out about Carmen’s TEN sisters, her design process and how she got hooked on EQ! EQ: Congratulations on the release of your new book, Ten Quilts for Ten Sisters! Tell us about it! Carmen: Thanks so much! I’m very excited about my first book– we self published, so I have really learned a lot! There are actually ten girls in my family!

Q&A with Sandi Feenstra

Posted 07-30-2015 by | Posted in: Favorite Posts From Our Users Q&A

We love to see what our users create with EQ7! EQ user, Sandi Feenstra reached out to us via social media to tell us about a quilt she had just finished. She sent us a photo of her EQ7-designed quilt (pictured left). It measures 60″ x 78″ and is made up of 875 2.5″ squares! I thanked Sandi for reaching out to us and asked her a few questions…  EQ: Thanks so much for posting your EQ7 project on social media! We LOVE seeing EQ users’ creations! What was your inspiration for this quilt? Sandi: I saw a picture of an “Around the World” quilt and knew I wanted one.  This project began when I was lucky enough to discover candy squares of a popular Moda fabric collection reduced 50%. EQ: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into quilting.  Sandi: My husband retired 3 years ago

Q&A with Christine Stainbrook

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We love to find beautiful quilts that were designed with EQ7! While looking through new magazines, we found EQ user Christine Stainbrook and her Love Song quilt. It is currently featured in the July/August issue of McCall’s Quilting Magazine.  Read below to find out about Christine’s design process, how she got hooked on EQ and what she has to say to other desingers out there EQ: Congratulations on being featured in McCall’s! What’s is like seeing your design in a magazine? Christine: It’s always exciting when I see something I designed in a magazine. EQ: Before we discuss the quilt and your design techniques, tell us about yourself! Christine: I’m a third generation quilter and have been quilting for 35 years.  I love to teach as well as design and write patterns to share my ideas with other quilters. I have a pretty eclectic, varied taste, combining traditional, contemporary and

Q&A with Penny Barnes

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EQ user, Penny Barnes is currently featured in the May/June issue of McCall’s Quilting Magazine for her Amethyst Stars quilt (left).  She designed it using EQ7 and machine quilted it herself. I just LOVE the Kona colors she chose from Robert Kaufman and her combination of Grandma’s Star and Summer Winds blocks! As it turns out, this isn’t her first time being feature in McCall’s. I just had to pick her brain about her design process… read through our Q&A below! EQ: Congratulations on being featured in McCall’s! How does it feel to have thousands of people seeing your design? Penny: Thank you so much!  It’s such a thrill to see a quilt that I’ve designed and quilted featured in McCall’s magazine!  It’s still a bit surreal.  It’s been fun to post on Facebook and blog about it and get great responses and encouragement from friends!  My Mom was an

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