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Check out this news from other companies and eq-related freebies from our customers.

John Pietkiewicz’s Stained Glass

Posted 03-12-2014 by | Posted in: Just Because Look What I Did More for EQers

It’s not just for quilt design! John Pietkiewicz uses EQ software for his gorgeous stained glass designs. John says: “I got into stained glass design in 2010 and was directed to EQ by a local quilt shop in Henniker NH whom I had shown some of my stained glass design work which mimicked quilt patterns. At the time I was drawing designs by hand and using colored pencils.” All designs/photos are copyrighted John K Pietkiewicz 2010-2014 Great work, John! We’ve seen EQ used for tile design, room planning, and even for beautifying traffic signal boxes. Do you have an alternative use for EQ7? Tell us about it!

Un-Drawing Blocks

Posted 02-26-2014 by | Posted in: EQ Software Tips Just Because More for EQers

You don’t need to know how to draw in EQ7 to create new blocks—you just need to know how to delete! “Un-drawing” is just my funny way of referring to deleting lines in a block to create new variations. Edit your block to the Block Worktable and start experimenting. Click the Pick tool , click on the line to select it, then hit the Delete key on your keyboard. Here are a few simple examples of the block variations you can create in just minutes with your Delete key! Here I started with the Electric Fan block (which you can find in the EQ7 Block Library in 02 Contemporary Pieced > Kaleidoscopes). I deleted all of the lines in the four blades: Here you can see the difference between a quilt using all the same block and one that has been alternated with the new variation: Here’s the Greek Cross

Sochi Patchwork in Club EQ!

Posted 02-20-2014 by | Posted in: Just Because More for EQers

I’m sure you are aware that the Olympic patchwork quilt is the official look of Russia’s first Winter Games. Pretty exciting if you are a quilt lover! And they are definitely beautiful quilts! But, do you know that ClubEQ is having an Olympic patchwork inspired challenge? And, in case you don’t know what ClubEQ is…it is a free club any EQ user can join, simply by using EQ to design a quilt. Club leader, Barb Vlack, presents monthly challenges. Those EQ users who join the challenge (and the fun) send in a project file. These projects are displayed together on the web. Participants receive projects from all the other challenge participants that month. So send in one project file, and receive many more in return! No sewing necessary! (There are a few rules, read them here.) For February’s challenge Barb Vlack says, “The banners for the 2014 Winter Olympics in

Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society project with Denise Russart

Posted 12-13-2013 by | Posted in: More for EQers My EQ Boutique

Denise Russart is starting a Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society Block of the Month Project. You’ll be using her adorable dog blocks from Denise will be providing a quilt layout, additional block instructions and instructions to set everything all together.   The applique dog blocks will be 12″ finished blocks. Denise says, “The blocks are are pretty easy to applique with fairly large pieces.”  She will be giving tips on how I applique them using the “freezer paper on the bottom” method of applique, but  you can use any applique method you choose to make these blocks. You must sign up before January 25 to participate. Check out Denise’s website for more information.

Judith Best’s Club EQ Entry

Posted 09-29-2013 by | Posted in: Just Because More for EQers

For those who may not know, Club EQ is a monthly club run by Barb Vlack. Every month Barb makes up a new challenge. If you submit a EQ project (no sewing required) then you get ALL the projects from everyone that participated that month. September’s challenge is Words on your quilt! You can check out the entries so far this month. We thought we had to share Judith Best’s entry with you. So cute! And, I think, true!

EQ7 Image Wortable and Modern Parrot By Dianne Gronfors

Posted 09-10-2012 by | Posted in: Look What I Did More for EQers

One of the big new features in EQ7 is the Image worktable. Once of the features of the Image Worktable is that is has 45 different image effects, including artistic, noise, blur and many more. There are also filters that allow you to sharpen, unsharpen, or detect the edges of your image. In browsing the July ClubEQ Challenge (this challenge was titled, “Birds!“) we found this quilt entry by Dianne Gronfors of Bracebridge, ON Canada. So cool! Dianne explains how she used the new features of the Image Worktable to create this quilt: “I picked an image of a parrot and then used Image>Apply Effects>Distort>Zoom Wave to come up with this modified image. I’ve set it as a one-block wall hanging that is reminiscent to me of modern art.” We love this beautifully creative thinking for both the Birds challenge and using the Image Worktable to design a stunning quilt. Thanks for sharing with

Yesterday’s Vogue From Gloria Hansen

Posted 09-10-2012 by | Posted in: Look What I Did More for EQers

EQ author Gloria Hansen of the popular book Digital Essentials, is a member of an art group called 8 That Create. She created this piece called “Yesterday’s Vogue” for an upcoming exhibit in which all works must have a fashion theme. The size requirement was 12″ square. To that Gloria said, “Great. That means I can use EQ Printables, my favorite for inkjet printing on cotton.” We say “great!” too. This is such an awesome quilt and we hope it inspires other projects. Watch for more about this quilt in the coming months when Gloria will guest post on the NEW EQ Blog. 

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