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User Spotlight

User Spotlight

Our EQ users are just so talented! See what they’re doing.

Using EQ for T-shirt Quilts

Posted 04-24-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Cindi Allen from says… “I thought you’d like to see how I love using EQ. I make a LOT of t-shirt quilts, and like giving my customers a hint of what their quilt may look like when it’s finished, and to show them how different fabrics can affect the look of the quilt. I’m slowly – but surely – learning EQ, but I’ve become quite adept using it for my T-shirt quilts. And customers love having different looks to choose from. It certainly saves me time, and gives the customer confidence in what they’re getting! I did a blog post on it here. Thanks so much for making a GREAT product that I (and my customers!) can rely on!!!” She also has a great tutorial on making t-shirt quilts here. Great job, Cindi. Thanks for sharing!

Prize Winning Quilt from Serena Vrnak

Posted 04-16-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

We always love hearing from EQ users who have won with their EQ designed quilts. We are always impressed with what you are able to do with EQ7  and then amazed at how you bring a virtual quilt to life with stunning execution. It’s never a surprise to us that so many of you are recognized for your designs and talent. This time, we congratulate Serena Vrnak on her win in the Master Division Large Pieced category at the Dallas, Texas quilt show. Serena writes: “This may be the wrong place to acknowledge how pleased I am with EQ7 but, it helped me win 3rd place in the Master Division Large Pieced category in the Dallas, Tx. quilt show. I first acquired EQ7 a year ago to take me from graph paper. I was truly surprised with how many designs I could produce with just one block. I am a fan of EQ7.” ~ Serena Vrnak,

EQ Quilt from Linda Erickson

Posted 03-08-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

One of our long time EQ users, Linda Erickson, emailed us a photo of an EQ designed quilt she entered in a contest and took 2nd place! Linda originally won a set of AccuQuilt GO! heart appliqués from Marjorie Busby’s blog that initially started the creation of this quilt. We just love the fresh colors and mix of brights and pastels here. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Linda and congrats on the award! To learn more about how to design quilts in EQ using AccuQuilt GO! shapes click here.

Desert Daze: Prize Winning Quilt by Debra Crine

Posted 02-07-2013 by | Posted in: EQ News and Press User Spotlight

Road to California 2013 Quilters’ Conference and Showcase contests have come to a close. And we found at least one EQ user in the bunch! Debra Crine takes the award for Best Quilt from First Time Entrant. Congratulations Debra! (See all the winners here. ) I asked Debra to tell me more about her quilts. She says: Although I am an east coast girl I love the colors, motifs and designs used in southwestern art. This quilt (Desert Daze) was designed in EQ. Majority of the fabrics used are my own hand dyes. I’ve been using EQ since version 5 and design all of my “traditional” quilts using your software. You can see more of my work on my website. Desert Daze, Kiwi, A Splash of Lime and Star Light (soon to be posted) were all designed using EQ.  Star Light is a finalist in this years New Quilts from Old Favorites

User Spotlight: Caroline Press

Posted 01-29-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

I’m Caroline and I live in Corvallis, Oregon with my husband of 20+ years and our two children. By day I’m a scientist, I work full-time in the field of Plant Pathology. When I’m not working, or shuttling a child to a soccer game,  I’m sewing, designing or knitting. The creative process is an important part of my daily life and I really need to outlet my design ideas through the art of sewing, quilting and crafting in general. Surf’s Up Woody! I just started quilting a few years ago but I have been sewing all my life. My mother was a professional tailor before she retired and I remember using her scraps to make tiny purses for myself when I was a child. I spent many hours in her sewing room watching and later helping her and started sewing clothes for myself when I was in high school. I

User Spotlight: Simonetta Marini

Posted 01-11-2013 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

Simonetta Marini: Designer, Teacher and Quiltmaker I am Italian and I live with my husband, two teenagers and two cats in Bologna, home of the oldest University in the world and mother of tortellini and mortadella. Here in Bolonga I work with my husband in our Studio as Engineer and Architect: we project houses and calculate them to resist to earthquakes. I have been quilting for 15 years. I saw “How to Make an American Quilt” with Winona Ryder and then, after some time, I began to read magazines where I saw wonderful quilts and thought: thatʼs my destiny! I bought a sewing machine and I began to try to quilt. It was love with the very first quilt. So I began to take classes, read books, created and then taught others. A real passion was born. I am a member of the Italian National Guild Quilt Italia and it wasn’t long before I became its regional Coordinator with the

Judy Messenger Shares her Image Quilts

Posted 11-30-2012 by | Posted in: User Spotlight

We love showing your quilts here on the EQ Blog, in the EQ Quilt Gallery, and in ClubEQ. We especially love it when your quilts inspire others to try new things in EQ. You might remember a post back in September featuring a really cool photo manipulation quilt by Dianne Gronfors. She told us all about how she uses the EQ7 Image Worktable to create visually stunning quilts like Modern Parrot, below. Modern Parrot Quilt by Dianne Gronfors Dianne’s, quilt and technique did inspire Judy Messenger from Toronto, Canada. Judy wrote us to share her photo quilts. She writes: I thought you may be interested in some work that I recently completed, inspired by an entry on the EQ Blog on Sept. 10th, EQ7 Image Worktable and Modern Parrot By Dianne Gronfors. I’ve created some fiber art pieces from photos using the distortion features of the EQ7 Image worktable, as outlined

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