What if you want to add text to a block? The Set Applique Text tool only works on the Quilt worktable.

If you need to add text to your block you can do it this way:

Set your block into a one block quilt.

1 WORKTABLE > Work on Quilt.

2 QUILT > New Quilt > Horizontal.

3 Click the Layout tab (at the bottom).

4 Make “Number of blocks” Hor and Ver both be: 1

5 Click the Borders tab (at the bottom).

6 Click the Delete button to delete the border.

7 Click the Layer 1 tab.

8 Click the Set Block tool > set your block into the quilt. It will now look like one large quilt block, with no border around it.

9 Right-click the right-hand toolbar > choose Add/Remove buttons > click the Set Applique Text  tool if it is not checked. This will add this new tool to your toolbar. This tool is used on Layer 2.

10 Click Layer 2 (at the bottom).

11 Click the Paintbrush  tool > choose a solid color for your font.

12 Click the Set Applique Text tool.

13 Choose a font in the drop down box. (This box will show all True Type fonts on your computer. You can change the font later, after you type, if you wish.)

14 Point the mouse at your block, and, holding down your keyboard SHIFT key, drag the mouse on the block. A small text box will form. This box will enlarge as you type, but will be small before you begin typing.

15 Type whatever you’d like in this typing box. Start a new box if you want a different font, color or size text somewhere else on your block.

16 If you’d like to color the block, click back on Layer 1 and color the block.

17 Once your block is finished you can export it by using FILE > Export Marquee Selection or FILE > Export Image.

For example:

Note: If you use Export Marquee Selection you drag a select box around your block, and will then be able to Copy to the Clipboard and then Paste the block into a document, for example, in Word.

If you use Export Image you will use Insert > Picture > From File in Word.

If you have questions about this, or anything else, please contact tech support and we will be happy to help!