One of the best advantages of designing in a software program is that you can see how the finished project will look on the computer screen before you even begin to stitch.  This is a great way to evaluate designs and see how the stitches change the ‘feel’ of the design.  You can also determine what type of stitches work best for the specific use of the project.

Start with a simple linear drawing and apply different stitch properties to change the design. Determine which elements are lines only and which will be closed shapes

Create an entirely applique design or mix and match applique elements with stitch elements.

Keep it simple with a red work style of design.

Add texture to elements with directional stitches.

Change the edge stitches of the elements to add more interest.

Add artwork details and text for another look.

Keep making changes and add each one to the sketchbook as you go.  Choose your favorite from the sketchbook and export it to your machine for stitching.

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