I really don’t like to think of Christmas before the month of December.  Everyone seems to start preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier every year.  I was in one of my local stores in July and they were all ready placing out their Christmas items.  By the time Christmas actually arrives I am really tired of it all.  I don’t like the commercial aspect of it.  But, as a machine embroiderer/quilter, I know it takes a good deal of time to create projects that you want to give away as Christmas gifts.  This is a quick and easy design to stitch with a Christmas theme.

1.  Open your EQStitch program and then click on the ‘stitch worktable icon’ and set up the machine applique worktable.

2.  On the artwork tab, click on the ‘oval drawing tool’ (heart shaped) and hold the icon down for a few seconds to get the fly out menu.

3.  Click on the tear drop shape that is the last one in the row to the right to select it.

4.  Working on one half of the drawing board area only, move the cursor over to the area and click/hold/drag/release the cursor to place a shape on the area.

Repeat this same step several times to fill one side of the design page area only.  Do not make the shapes too close together.  Vary the size of the shapes as you build the design.

5.  Click on EDIT>Select All.  Once the entire area is selected, click on the ‘clone selected images’ icon on the properties bar to get an identical second copy.

Once the second copy of the design appears, click on ‘flip left/right’ icon on the properties bar at the top of the screen.

6.  Move your cursor over to the center crosshairs and click/hold/drag/release the cloned copy of the design to the opposite side of the drawing board.

7.  Select other shape tools (I used the polygon tool) to create a tree base and a star for the top of the tree.

Add the design to the sketchbook before leaving the artwork tab to make sure you don’t loose the drawing.

8.  Click on the fabric tab at the bottom of the screen to add the applique fabrics.  NOTE:  You may want to leave the smaller areas to be filled with stitches instead of fabric because the edge stitch will make them too bulky.

9.  Click on the ‘stitch tab’ at the bottom of the screen.  If your edge stitches are too thick, change the properties width to be 1mm on the properties bar and then click on each of the elements to set the new width of the stitches.  

Click on the ‘set thread’ icon on the toolbar and select colors for your stitches and apply the color by clicking on each of the stitch areas.

NOTE:  I used a 200 x 200 mm design page to accommodate all the small applique bits.  If you make this in a smaller hoop, your applique pieces will be too small!!  You may choose to do the entire design as a embroidery stitch instead of an applique.

Below is a sample of the design used as an embroidery only design.

Continue editing and reshaping your elements to get the look just right for you.  By starting with the shape tools, it is easy to just edit them instead of freehand drawing them yourself.