Bea Lee is hosting another Blog Hop. Last time was a lot of fun, so I decided to do it again.

Everyone is posting tutorials and project downloads. Bea is doing an EQ7 giveaway too!

Here are the participants:

October 21st
October 22nd
October 23rd
October 24th
October 25th

Here are my blocks I drew. You can download the EQ7 project here.

And now for the tutorial. We’ll start with the pie block.

To make the outside crust, I started with the Polygon    tool.I drew an octagon and clicked Add Nodes  .I clicked Converted Lines to Curves .I used the blue handles to adjust the curves.

Once I had a outside crust shape I liked, I used the Oval tool to draw the top crust.

I clicked Edit > Select All > I shrank it to the size I wanted and moved it into the position I wanted. Then copy and pasted (and moved to appropriate areas) to make three more pies. I then decorated the pies using the polygon and oval tools.

For the Leaf Wreath I started with an existing EQ block.I clicked Library > Block Library > Search > By Category > Applique > Leaves.  There is a place to change the maximum number of blocks found, I changed it from 50 to 300. Click Search. I chose the Elm leaf  (which is actually a Motif, but that’s ok). Click Add to Sketchbook > Close.

Open the block to the Block Worktable. Click Edit > Select All. Right click and choose Wreathmaker. You can play around with the settings and see what you can come up with, lots of options!

After I was happy with my results I resized the block a little and re-centered it. I colored it and saved it in the Sketchbook.  It went into my Sketchbook under the Motifs tab. If you want it with the rest of your blocks you can right click on the block > Move to Tab > Blocks Tab.

Have you seen the pumpkin designs people make with drills? I haven’t tried it in real life, but I thought I’d draw some in EQ. I found a photo of pumpkins on the internet.Plain and simple. I clicked the Tracing Image tab at the bottom of the screen. I clicked Import Image for Tracing .

I used the Oval tool to draw the sections of each pumpkin and the stems. Then I copy and pasted circles to look like the drilled out holes.

The apple block was drawn very similarly to the way the pie and pumpkin blocks were drawn. I used the Oval tool to draw the outside of the apple. I copy and pasted it, shrank it a little and placed it in the center of the “apple peel”.I used the Polygon    tool to draw the stem and the the Oval tool to draw the leaf and seeds/eyes and mouth.

What a fun blog hop! Thanks for including me!