We were happy to see that Jo Moury‘s EQ7 quilt was on the cover of the September/October issue of Quiltmaker.
Then we found out that Denise Russart’s EQ7 quilt was also featured.

We started to wonder…How many of the quilts in this issue of Quiltmaker we designed in EQ? So we started doing some research. And, we found out that the vast majority of them ARE EQ7 quilts! When we asked the designers about EQ here is a little bit of what they had to say…

Konda Luckau says, “I do all my designing in EQ. I love it!” You can check out her blog and her entry about Knit & Purl.
Carolyn Beam is the Creative Editor for Quiltmaker. She says, “We do work with several different EQ users in quilts we publish in Quiltmaker…I also use EQ when I design my quilts and I did use it in my Building Borders article. I’m also using EQ as I work on our staff challenge – the block was designed by one of our 100 Blocks designers, but I’m using EQ for coloring. I have been an EQ user since almost the beginning.”
Brenda Plaster says, “Yes, it was designed using EQ7. All my quilts are designed in EQ. That is a fantastic piece of software! I design quilts for several magazines; I have quilts in QuiltmakerThe Quilter and Quilt-it…today current issues.  I also design quilts and write patterns for Connecting Threads. PatternSpot and Quilt Pattern Shoppe carry some of my patterns.”
Bonnie Hunter says, “I’ve been an EQ user since the very first EQ program!”
Donna Benham says, “I have been using EQ since EQ3 and just love it. I have made and sold several pattern designs using EQ also.”
Beth Ferrier says, “While I use Electric Quilt to design all of my pieced quilts, I use a graphics program for my applique designs. I have been using EQ from the very first version, which was before I was doing applique designs. When I started self-publishing twenty years ago, the applique tools were not what they are today, and at the time, not capable of the kind of diagrams I wanted for my patterns.

I understand now that the drawing tools are powerful and amazing, and I do take advantage of them for exporting block patterns to create my diagrams.

Even though this particular design was created elsewhere, every one of my quilts with any amount of piecing was designed with Electric Quilt. I love it!”

While Winter Skinnie by Margie Ullery wasn’t designed in EQ…Margie does use EQ7 for other projects, like when she’s designing quilts for Northcott Fabric Company.

What a nice surprise for us! We are happy to know so many prolific designers are EQ users.

Congratulations to everyone featured in the magazine!