1) Click START > (My) Computer > (My) Documents > My EQ7 (or My EQ6).
2) Right-click a blank area in the folder window, point to New, and then click Folder.
3) Type Downloads, and then press ENTER.

1) Download the .BLK files.

If you have EQ6, download them to: (My) Documents > My EQ6 > Downloads

If you have EQ7, download them to: (My) Documents > My EQ7 > Downloads

2) Open EQ6 or EQ7.
3) Click LIBRARIES > Block Library.
4) Click the Link Library button.
5) Click the Add button and type: Rose of Sharon.
6) Click the Browse button.
7) Browse to: (My) Documents > My EQ7 (or My EQ6) > Downloads.
Click OK.
Click OK again.
Click Close to return to the library.
Now click on the Library section and look in the list of EQ Libraries.
Click on Rose of Sharon.

The .BLK files will not open outside EQ. You must save them in the Downloads folder and then link them to the Block Library for them to work. Click here to download one or both libraries:
Rose of Sharon Block Library 1
Rose of Sharon Block Library 2 

Block Coloring #1 = in the Island Batik fabric from the EQ6 project
Block Coloring #2 = solid colors from EQ6/EQ7 color palette