When we think of November, we think of Thanksgiving. And of all the Thanksgiving symbols, the turkey has become the most well known.

The Turkey Tracks Quilt

We’ve chosen Turkey Tracks as the new block for this month’s project. This block first appeared somewhere between 1900 and 1935 according to Carrie Hall, who organized and categorized hundreds of quilt blocks for the purpose of pattern identification in her book, The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America.

The elongated triangles give this pattern its tracks! Piece this block in warm autumn colors for a Thanksgiving treat! Use it as a table topper or wall hanging each holiday.

The project also includes 35 new fabrics in earthy autumn shades of brown, green, and deep red.

The project includes the Turkey Tracks block in two colorations. The block can be rotary cut, and you may find foundation piecing the best method of construction for those long triangle points.

Rotary Cutting Pattern

Foundation Piecing Patterns
 12″ blocks will tile across several pages, you’ll want to
reposition the sections before you print.

The quilt features:
4 12-inch blocks
1 1-inch long horizontal border
1 3-inch long vertical border

The overall size is 32″ by 32″. Use the quilt just as it is or modify it in any way you like with Quilt Design Wizard™.

The Quilt
Template Pattern
Quilt Yardage Chart

Download the Project
Before you download a project, close other programs running. Then click the Download the Project button. A File Downloaddialog box appears.

1. Select the Save this program to disk option.
2. Click OK. A Save As box appears.
3. Click the down arrow beside the Save in: box. A list drops down.
4. Scroll to find the hard drive where you installed Quilt Design Wizard™ (typically C:\).
5. Click on this hard drive letter. This puts the hard drive letter in the Save in: box. You see a list of folders below.
6. Double-click on the folder name where you want to save the file (typically My Documents).
7. Click the Save button. The Quilt Design Wizard™ project file will be saved to your computer.
8. Start Quilt Design Wizard™ and open the project.
9. Enjoy!