This adorable snowmen wallhanging makes a great gift. Feel free to add buttons for eyes …or beads and any other embellishments. What a fun winter project, enjoy!

Quilt Features
2 New blocks, S is for Snowman block size 12″ and Snowflake 2 block size 2½”
1 Long Horizontal Border – ½”
1 Spaced Squares Border – 2½”
1 Long Horizontal Border – ¾”
1 Long Horizontal Border – 3¼”
1 Long Horizontal Border – ¼”
26 New fabrics from various fabric manufacturers

The overall size is 50½” by 26½”. Use this quilt just as is or modify it any way you like with Quilt Design Wizard™.

Download the Project
Before you download a project, close other programs running. Then click the Download the Project button. A File Download dialog box appears.

1. Select the Save this program to disk option.
2. Click OK. A Save As box appears.
3. Click the down arrow beside the Save in: box. A list drops down.
4. Scroll to find the hard drive where you installed Quilt Design Wizard™ (typically C:\).
5. Click on this hard drive letter. This puts the hard drive letter in the Save in: box. You see a list of folders below.
6. Double-click on the folder name where you want to save the file (typically My Documents).
7. Click the Save button. The Quilt Design Wizard™ project file will be saved to your computer.
8. Start Quilt Design Wizard™ and open the project.
9. Enjoy!