Enjoy this 4th of July with friends and family. Use these placemats for a nice summertime cookout in celebration of our Independence. Get creative with these patriotic blocks by combining them into a table runner or a small wall quilt as well!

4 New blocks – size 10″
2 Long Vertical Borders
20 New fabrics from various fabric manufacturers

The overall size is 18″ by 13″. Use these placemats just as they are or modify them any way you like with Quilt Design Wizard™.

Download the Project
Before you download a project, close other programs running. Then click the Download the Project button. A File Downloaddialog box appears.

1. Select the Save this program to disk option.
2. Click OK. A Save As box appears.
3. Click the down arrow beside the Save in: box. A list drops down.
4. Scroll to find the hard drive where you installed Quilt Design Wizard™ (typically C:\).
5. Click on this hard drive letter. This puts the hard drive letter in the Save in: box. You see a list of folders below.
6. Double-click on the folder name where you want to save the file (typically My Documents).
7. Click the Save button. The Quilt Design Wizard™ project file will be saved to your computer.
8. Start Quilt Design Wizard™ and open the project.
9. Enjoy!