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Quick Tip Tuesday – Design a strip quilt with square blocks!

Posted 05-02-2017 by Heidi | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday

Insuring the blocks in your strip quilt are square is a matter of simple multiplication. Click QUILT > New Quilt > Vertical Strip (or Horizontal strip). Click the Layout tab. Click the Add or Delete button until you have the number of strips you want. Under Select strip style: Pieced Blocks To make sure the blocks are square, use this formula: Strip Width x Number of blocks = Strip Length Under Number of blocks along length: choose the number of squares you want along the strip. Under Strip size: choose the width you want. For Length: multiply width x number of blocks. This ensures your blocks are square. For example: Strip width: 9” Number of blocks: 7 Strip length: 9” x 7 blocks = 63” Click strip 2 to select it. Now, you can either set plain strips between block strips or choose another block style. Under Select strip style,

Club EQ – Designing for a Charm Pack, a Jelly Roll, or a Layer Cake

Posted 05-01-2017 by Barb | Posted in: Club EQ

THE CHALLENGE: The examples I created have very simple blocks with geometric shapes that can be rotary cut from Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs or Layer Cakes with some easy planning for sizing. One fun thing I discovered is that once I have an overall kind of random placement of several simple blocks and color them with solid colors, I can then use the Serendipity tool to rotate the blocks and come up with several variations. Add in fabrics, and you can cross genre. Find out more about Club EQ! It is easy to design a quilt that works with each of these fabric collections once you have some idea about sizing for cutting squares and triangles from each. A Charm Pack is a collection of fabrics that are cut 5” square. A Jelly Roll is a collection of fabrics that are cut 2 ½” x the width of the fabric.

EQ Mini Friday Fun – Dolce Doll Quilt

Posted 04-28-2017 by Lori | Posted in: EQ Mini EQ Mini Friday Fun with Lori

This months design is a mini quilt called Dolce Doll Quilt.  It is the perfect size for an 18″ doll or even a pretty mini wall hanging.  This is a Vertical layout and we will do some creative design.  I used 3 complimentary solids but it would be cute with some coordinating prints. Here is the little doll quilt on my mother’s homemade doll bed from her childhood.  So cute!  And I even made a little pillow and pillow case. Let’s start designing! Dolce Doll Quilt Skillset: Beginner Size: 18″ x 24″ Skill Builders: Working with Vertical layout Working with pieced block strip style (in a creative way!) Adding blocks Lets Design! Open EQ Mini. If it asks you to take a quick tour, click Close. Read the tip of the day and click Close. Let’s start by naming the Project.  The project name will appear at the very top of

EQ Academy 2017 Recap!

Posted 04-26-2017 by Christine | Posted in: EQ Academy

Scroll down to see the photo gallery! Another great weekend of fun and learning at EQ Academy 2017! We saw many familiar faces and met lots of new EQ users too. It’s so fun meeting the people who use our products and putting faces to names that call our Tech Support number! We are always floored to see what our students learn to do in the 3 days they are here. Our EQ Teachers are awesome! The EQ Staff always enjoys EQ Academy, but what matters more is what our students think. Here are a couple of quotes from this year’s students: “Thank you to the EQ staff for all you did! A special thank you to Mary Ellen Kranz for an amazing 3 days of fun and learning! She has so much knowledge and patience, I would enjoy taking all my classes from her. And a thank you to


Posted 04-16-2017 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

Happy Easter everyone!  Safe travels to each of you who are attending the EQAcademy in Ohio this week.  Enjoy your time as you learn the EQ program and get to meet the EQ staff while you are there. I am not a big chocolate eater, but I do like jelly beans.  Let’s draw a woven basket and some heaps of jelly beans for our special treat this week. Open your EQStitch program. Click on the stitch worktable icon and select the embroidery worktable from the stitching menu. Set your drawing board options to be a smooth fill and no outline for the embroidery settings. Be sure to click the OK at the bottom of the box to set the new options. Use the last polygon shape from the fly out selection of  polygon shapes  to draw a basket bottom. Select the ellipse tool and click and drag an oval for

EQ Mini Friday Fun: Block Party – Classic Pieced

Posted 04-14-2017 by Lori | Posted in: EQ Mini EQ Mini Friday Fun with Lori

EQ Mini may be a smaller version of EQ7, but it still comes jam packed with all kinds of blocks, 300 to be exact.  I thought you might like to see what blocks come with the program.  There are so many, this block party will just share the first category of Classic Pieced Blocks. To follow along with me, Open up EQ Mini. Go to Libraries, Block Libraries. If you are considering buying EQ Mini, just come along for the ride as I share the block designs. When you go into the Block Libraries, you will see a long list of different categories of blocks.  This block party will share just the blocks in the first category, 01 Classic Pieced. There are 11 subcategories under the 01 Classic Pieced blocks.  The first one is Antique Mosaics which is displayed above.  Each subcategory has 9 to 12 blocks.  Lets see what creative

Q&A with Dawn Golstab

Posted 04-13-2017 by Christine | Posted in: Q&A

While at QuiltCon in February, we couldn’t help but spend our precious free time wandering through the quilt gallery and admiring all the creative designs! Dawn Golstab was one of several designers who mentioned their use of EQ7 in their quilt description so we reached out to her! If you haven’t already seen her award-winning quilt, scroll down to check it out along with several other quilts she’s designed in EQ. EQ: Hi Dawn! Tell us a bit about yourself. Dawn: I think I have always had a sewing machine in my life.  When I learned to sew, it was all about new outfits!  As I got older my sewing expanded to include home décor, mostly curtains & throw pillows and then pretty dresses for my daughter.  There were periods, of course, where life gets in the way and the sewing machine was neglected, but never abandoned!  About 5 years

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