Tool Tip Tuesday! The Export Metafile of Block Tool

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The Export Metafile of Block Tool What is a Metafile? This type of file displays an image using lines, arcs, rectangles, ovals, etc. Metafiles are actually a series of drawing commands, not pixel data. Metafiles are resolution independent, so they can be resized without loss of quality. In EQ7, you can export a metafile for a block, but not a quilt. The file created consists of the line drawing and solid fill color if you’ve chosen to export both line and fill. When you place the metafile in another application, you can manipulate the block by pulling it apart one patch at a time. Windows metafile format is understood effectively by many graphic, illustration and word processing programs although some applications may be happier manipulating the image as a single unit than as individual patches. Exporting a Windows metafile is possible from the Block worktable only. Click FILE > Export Metafile…

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #14

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I often change my mind about what I want to digitize as I am working. The thought I start out with is usually not the design I end up with.  I love having editing tools to toggle on and off to help me change my mind as I go along.  Our shape tool in EQStitch gives us a properties bar with lots of editing options. Launch the EQStitch program by double clicking on the icon on the desktop. Name your project ‘Changing My Mind’. Set the properties of the program back to the defaults as you start this new project.  Click on FILE>Preferences. Restore the defaults by clicking on the words ‘restore’ and then place a check mark next to ‘include original fabrics…’ and click on the ‘restore default settings’. Relaunch the program and open the project you named ‘Changing My Mind’. Close the sketchbook. Click on the stitch worktable…

Witch Halloween?

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If you’re still not in the mood for Halloween, this quilt is sure to get you there EQ Margaret decided to make up a Halloween quilt and it was too cute not to share with you all… All of her fabrics are from Andover’s Halloween collections; especially “Be Witched.” She even added a cute label: You may not recognize it, but Margaret got her inspiration from the “Romantic Rosy” quilt in Kaffe Fassett’s Quilt Road book. Hope you’re having fun preparing for the holiday! Happy Halloween from EQ!

Tool Tip Tuesday! The Compress File Size Tool

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Compress Project File Size Project files that include unused blocks, fabrics, pictures, embellishments, and thread tend to become large, it’s a good idea to condense project files before sending them by e-mail. EQ will look at the quilts in your project file and remove designs not used in the quilts. It is strongly suggested that you use Create Copy Project to make a copy (or backup) of your project before using this command. Compress Project File Size button is not visible by default. To add it to your toolbar list, right-click on the toolbar and choose Add/Remove Buttons or click on the Customize Toolbar  button. Or, click FILE from the main menu, then choose Compress Project File Size. The Compress Project File Size dialog box will display. You can choose to delete unused blocks, fabrics, embellishments, pictures and thread or just delete unused fabrics. Make your selection, then click OK.…

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #13

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Seeing Turkeys everywhere reminds me of when the kids were in pre-school and they traced the shape of their hand and colored it in to be their own Thanksgiving Turkey artwork.  Very simplistic, yet so effective.  A basic hand shape was all they needed in their creative process. We have shape tools built into our EQStitch program.  You don’t have to use any drawing tools to create an embroidery design.  Just use the shape tools and create your design beginning with the background elements and moving forward to the foreground elements. Open your EQStitch program and restore the defaults to the program through the FILE>Preferences menu. Click on the stitch worktable icon and open a new drawing board by clicking on STITCHING>NewDesign>Embroidery. Click/hold the black arrow at the bottom of the toolbar and add all the tools to the toolbar. Use only the shape tools to click/hold/drag/release the shapes you…

Tool Tip Tuesday! The Twist Tool

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The Twist Tool The Twist Tool is only available on the Image Worktable. You also must have an image imported for it to be available. The Twist tool loads the Precision Bar with buttons for flipping, rotating and shearing. Be sure your Precision Bar is turned on (VIEW > Precision Bar). Note: Whenever you use one of the tools on this Precision Bar, the image is required to display 1-to-1. This means that your image may become larger than the screen. You’ll need to use the Zoom tool  to adjust the display so it fits the screen. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise: Rotate the image right with each click. Rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise: Rotate the image left with each click. Flip left and right: Click to mirror the image horizontally. Flip top and bottom: Click to mirror the image vertically.   Rotate by degrees: Enter a number for degrees in the…

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #12

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Sometimes all I need is a cup of coffee to refresh myself.  A little quiet time and a chance to decompress goes a long way. Did you know that EQStitch has designs all ready digitized for you to use?  You can use them as they are or edit them for your personal touch. Launch your EQStitch program from the desktop. Set the program back to the default settings to start the new project.  Click on FILE>Preferences and restore the defaults. Find a design all ready digitized in the stitching library.  Click on LIBRARIES>Stitching Library. Choose any design you want from the library.  I need a cup of coffee.  I want an applique design.  In the library box, under the EQStitch Machine Applique heading, click on ‘home and leisure’ heading and locate the pink coffee cup.  Click on the cup to select it and then click on ‘add to sketchbook’ at…