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EQ Academy 2016 – Ohio

Posted 04-29-2016 by Christine | Posted in: EQ Academy

76 students… 11 employees… 4 teachers… 3 days… 1 heck of a good time! If you weren’t at this year’s EQ Academy – you should have been!  What a fun 3 days! We kicked it off on Thursday morning with coffee, tea and registration at 8am. (Meeting all the students and welcoming them is my favorite part!) Classes were from 9am-4pm every day with a lunch break at noon when we all enjoyed sandwiches, salads, wraps, snacks and yummy cookies from local restaurants and caterers. Friday night each of the AWESOME teachers gave a lecture while we all snacked on Anniversary cake and took silly pictures in the photobooth. First, Yvonne Menear spoke about some of her jaw-dropping embroidered quilts (and told an incredibly funny story quoting Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake it Off” ). After that, Christa Watson displayed many of her amazing quilts and described her design process. Next,


Posted 04-27-2016 by Christine | Posted in: Contests Q&A

Congratulations to our winner: June! This contest has closed. Thanks for participating. Upcoming contest info here. Don’t you love great quilting books? You can’t ever have enough! And the quilts inside are always so unique and creative. Jackie Kunkel used EQ7 to create the quilts in her book, Splash of Color. Enter to win a copy at the bottom of the post! EQ: Hi Jackie! We just loved your article in the newest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting about color. Tell us a little bit about your thoughts on color and how you go about selecting a color palette. Jackie: One thing I know is that I LOVE color! The more saturated the color, the better for me! However, that is not to say that only saturated color serves a purpose for me, all color does. When I am selecting a color palette, I tend to gravitate towards the

Quick Tip Tuesday – Auto Borders: Single Block Patterns

Posted 04-26-2016 by Jenny | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday

If you’ve ever used the Auto Borders tool, you may have noticed two styles called Single Block Patterns 1-6 and 7-12 and wondered what those were for. Today I’ll show you one scenario when those borders will come in handy. I’ve designed this mini quilt. It’s made up of one central block and has two borders (I add a narrow border around most of my quilts to mimic the look of binding). The first border has these settings on the Borders tab: I like this design and I’m ready to make the quilt. I want to foundation piece each side of the border as one strip. But when I click on the border to select it for printing, I see that each triangle is a separate block: So when I print the pattern, each triangle is an individual block: So how do I make it print the whole side of

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #39

Posted 04-24-2016 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

We are limited by our own thoughts.  No one person has all the ideas or answers.  Brainstorming with others who share a passion in common opens up all new ideas for individuals.  I love it when I teach a class and the students are full of questions.  It is great to have them so engaged in the subject matter.  I also love speaking with other educators and hearing how they present topics and spread the news of new ideas and concepts that evolve to a higher level of personal experience. The EQAcademy in Ohio was this weekend.  We shared ideas and had great laughs.  My head is spinning with ideas as to how to use the EQStitch program even more in the future.  For a little program that is considered an entry level digitizing program it sure can accomplish so much.  All it takes is imagination and understanding how to

Free Riley Blake patterns from Jina Barney!

Posted 04-22-2016 by Christine | Posted in: From Our Users

Did you know that Jina Barney uses EQ7 to design patterns for Riley Blake Designs? She also has her own pattern company called Butterfly Kisses. Read about her experience with EQ and check out the beautiful quilts she designs with it! She even offered two free PDF patterns from Riley Blake Designs and Penny Rose fabrics! EQ: Hi Jina! I’m so interested to learn about your journey with EQ7 (especially since you design INCREDIBLE quilts for Riley Blake Designs)! I can’t wait to hear how EQ7 has helped with them. Tell us a bit about yourself! Jina: I learned to sew at an early age while growing up in Australia. As a young girl, I loved to make doll clothes. I learned to knit and sew many other craft projects, and was always busy creating something. When I was a teenager my father provided all the patterns and fabric I

EQ Academy is here!

Posted 04-21-2016 by Christine | Posted in: EQ Academy

Today is the first day of our 3-day EQ workshop in Perrysburg, Ohio. We’re so excited to meet all the students! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what’s going on at EQ Academy 2016! See photos from last year’s EQ Academy >> Want to come to our next workshop? EQ Academy will be hosted in Denver, CO too! Read more >>

Quick Tip Tuesday – English Paper Piecing Templates

Posted 04-19-2016 by Jenny | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday

How do I print English paper piecing templates? You can print a whole sheet of English paper piecing templates from any of the One Patch quilt layouts. Start with a one patch quilt on the Quilt Worktable. Hexagons are the first shape to come to mind when you think of english paper piecing, but have you seen the Cobblestone layout available in EQ7? Octagons + squares = super cute! Click the Select tool . Click one of the patches to select it. Click Print > Block. Leave the size as Use size from quilt. Choose the style Outline drawing. Click the Options tab. Check Print as many as fit (leave other options unchecked). Click Preview and you’ll see a sheet of repeated templates for English paper piecing. Click Print. If your layout has more than one shape (like the Cobblestones layout), repeat the steps above for the other shape.

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