EQStitch Sunday Stitch #29

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Ever notice there are not a lot of embroidery designs that are dedicated to boys/men?  Most are of pretty things like flowers.  Embroidered designs for males seem to be more text than pictures.  You can create your own series of designs for men and create a  library of designs for men in the EQStitch program. Open your EQStitch program. Click on the work on stitching worktable icon. Click on LIBRARIES>Stitching Libraries Click on the My Library Heading at the top of the Stitching Library box. Click on add library and then type in a new name for your library. Click on the OK to have the library added to your My Library . Click on the style 1 subheading and right click> modify style to change the name. Type in a new name for the style.   Click OK to set the new name for the style. I named mine

Free Valentine’s Day Project!

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Happy Valentine’s Day weekend Here’s a free project download from EQ user, Pamela B. of Pamelaquilts.blogspot.com! Pamela was nice enough to tell us about this project. Where did the idea come from? “I created the first Modern Love Mug Rug in 2015 for an exchange between members of the team I belong to on Etsy – Quiltsy Team. My swap partner didn’t have any preferences, so I decided to create a fun valentine’s day project for her. I had just finished a snowball table runner and had a nice stash of small red and white triangles left from that, so sewed them together and started to design. Designing in EQ7: The Modern Love Mug rug was a quick and easy little project in EQ7. I knew I had a dozen little triangles to work with, so I just set the layout tab for a quilt of 3 horizontal rows with

February Contest – Win $100 to Fat Quarter Shop!

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Contest is closed. Congratulations to the winner: Pamela Gillespie! Our next contest starts March 10th featuring Moda Fabrics! Welcome to the second of ELEVEN giveaways we’re hosting on our blog this year. Each contest will open on the 10th of every month and feature one of our 25th Anniversary sponsors. February’s Featured Sponsor: Fat Quarter Shop!  They’ve provided a $100 gift certificate for one lucky winner on our blog! To enter, answer this question by commenting below: What are your favorite fabric themes (batiks, reproductions, florals, etc.) and who are your favorite fabric designers? Wait, there’s more! Win an EQ7 on Fat Quarter Shop’s Blog! EQ 25th Anniversary blog contests close at 9am ET on the 25th of every month. Winner announced on the 25th of every month. Participation in each monthly EQ contest counts as one entry toward the grand prize giveaways thus allowing for up to 11 entries

Quick Tip Tuesday – Types of Drawing

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When drawing a block, do you always know which type of block to choose? Here is a breakdown of the four types of drawing available in EQ7. EasyDraw Blocks: Simply, the easiest and fastest way to draw a pieced block. With these easy-to-use tools you just drag the mouse to draw straight lines and curved arcs. It is like drawing with pencil and paper — easy. The difficult part is making sure the lines are straight, the curves are smooth, the block is square, and of course, that the patches fit together. With EasyDraw it is all done for you automatically as you draw. The only rule you need to follow when using these tools is to make sure that your lines and arcs touch one another. PatchDraw Blocks: One appeal of applique is the capacity for realistic designs. EasyDraw pieced designs typically become abstract because they are forced to be

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #28

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It is unseasonably warm in British Columbia, Canada where I live.  We have very little snow or cold days.  To my surprise my Daffodils are all ready coming up!  I have decided to create a quick machine embroidery pattern that I can stitch onto quilted pot holders from my local dollar store. Open your EQStitch  program. Click on the stitch worktable icon at the top of the screen. Click on Libraries>Block Library a the top of the top of the screen. In the library box, click on the words  search> by note card. Type in the word Daffodil. My program showed several designs in the library with the word Daffodil listed. I scrolled to the end to find the linear drawing of a Daffodil. Click on the daffodil of your choice and add it to the sketchbook. Click on view sketchbook icon at the top of the screen. Locate the

Q&A with Deb Grogan

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You’re probably looking at this adorable quilt wondering where you saw it… It’s on the cover of the newest Quiltmaker Magazine! “Zoe Zebra” was designed by EQ user, Deb Grogan. I couldn’t pass up the chance to talk with her about this one! Read through my interview with Deb to find out how she created this cute quilt! EQ: Congrats on making the cover of Quiltmaker Magazine! Your Zoe Zebra quilt is just adorable! How does it feel to see YOUR design on the cover?! Deb: Well, it was quite a surprise that’s for sure and quite an honor.  This is actually my very first magazine submission too. EQ: Wow! Well good for you, that’s incredible! Tell us a bit about yourself, Deb. Deb: I am an artist and have worked in art licensing for many years.  My art has been on products ranging from dishes, paper goods, kitchen textiles,

Quick Tip Tuesday – Restore Default Settings

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Sometimes your fabric palette, block palette or toolbars won’t show up on your screen. The solution is simple. First, be sure to save your project if you are working on something you’d like to keep. Click File > Preferences. Under Workspace click Restore. Check the box that says, Include original fabrics, colors and thread. Click Restore Default Settings. Click OK. Your EQ will restart. You won’t lose any projects, libraries or anything else. Reasons this may happen: You’ve moved a palette too far off the screen You’ve changed the resolution on your monitor You’ve recently used a EQ7 with a projector You’ve recently used EQ7 with more than one monitor We are here to help! If you have questions about this, or anything else please contact tech support or call 419-352-1134.

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