Want free projects every month?

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Every month, we send out several free project downloads to a certain group of people. Want in? Here’s what we’re sending out this month. You like? Get these project downloads! Join in on the fun with Barb Vlack and other EQ users who design quilts for Barb’s monthly challenge! If you submit a quilt that meets the guidelines, you’ll get everyone’s project files at the end! It’s called ClubEQ. What is ClubEQ? ClubEQ is a free club any EQ user can join, simply by using EQ to design a quilt. Club leader, Barb Vlack, presents monthly challenges. Those EQ users who join the challenge (and the fun) send in a project file. These projects are displayed together on the Web. Participants receive projects from all the other challenge participants that month. So send in one project file, and receive many more in return! No sewing necessary! How do you send

Quick Tip Tuesday – Sashing Without Cornerstones

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How do I design sashing without cornerstones? The Layout Library has some layouts with long sashing. Click LIBRARIES > Layout Library > Basics by Style > Sashing. If none of these are exactly what you want, then you can design your own layout. On the Quilt worktable click QUILT > New Quilt > Horizontal Strip Quilt (or Vertical Strip quilt). Click the Layout tab. For Strip 1: Under Select a strip style, choose Spaced Squares. Under Width, select the overall strip width (this will also be the width and height of block in your strip). For example, if you select 10” for the strip width, your block size will be 10” x 10”. Work with Length and Number of Blocks to create the desired size for the strip between your blocks. Block width x number of blocks = quilt length with no strips between blocks Small divider strip width x

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #36

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Remember the ‘Who’s on First?’ comedy routine by Abbott and Costello?  Building digitized embroidery designs reminds me of this.  My question is “What’s in Back and What’s in Front?”  I can’t draw so I start with a copywrite free clip art design.  Evaluate how intricate it is and decide if you want to use the entire design image or if you want to crop out a segment to use as your tracing image. Determine your hoop size  you will work with and bring in the cropped image onto the tracing tab for the embroidery worktable.  Slightly fade the image on the tracing image tab so you can see your drawing lines on top of it. Click on the artwork tab and choose your drawing tool to trace the image.  You do not need to trace all the elements. Use a ‘critical eye’ and determine what is in back and what

Quilts for a Cause

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EQ User, Karen Boss recently reached out to us with a great story taking place right here in little Bowling Green, Ohio. Many of you may have heard of the non-profit organization, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) and its many hospitals and fundraisers. One of those fundraisers is Dance Marathon and our local college, Bowling Green State University, hosts one of these every year. It’s a 24-hour dance event called Ziggython where students are sponsored by friends, family and members of the community to raise money for every hour they remain dancing. Recently, Karen became involved with Children’s Miracle Network and was acquainted with Marissa English, a young girl who lives in Bowling Green and has special needs. Using EQ7, Marissa and Karen designed a quilt to donate to CMN and it was auctioned off at Dance Marathon last year. The quilt raised much more money than Karen had expected! Karen’s


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Contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner: Mary Furber! Thanks to everyone who participated! Toby will be announcing her winner today too so check her blog! Stay tuned for our next giveaway of Riley Blake fabrics beginning Sunday, April 10th! One of our EQ Artists, Toby Lischko, has just released a new book! We just had to see some of the amazing quilts inside and pick Toby’s brain about designing them in EQ7. Read our interview below to find out about her new book, Kaleidostars! She even provided a giveaway for one lucky winner! Hi Toby! Congratulations on the release of your new book Kaleidostars! Tell us all about it! Toby: Well, I love fussy cutting fabric and I have been working with Paula Nadelstern using her new fabric collections that have a lot of symmetrical fabrics in them. My first book St. Louis Stars was about fussy cutting

Quick Tip Tuesday – Create Quilt from Block

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How do I turn a block design into a quilt layout? EQ7 can turn a block into a quilt layout, but the block must have only horizontal and vertical lines. This feature comes in handy when you want to put blocks of different sizes in the same layout. You can “draw” the layout as a block, then turn the block into a real layout to fill with blocks. Start with blocks in your Sketchbook. Remember, horizontal and vertical lines only. Click QUILT > Create Quilt from Block. Click on any block that displays in the left column. Use the scrollbar to see all the blocks. These are the applicable Sketchbook blocks. Use the sliders to change the size of your quilt. Click the Add to Sketchbook button. The quilt layout will now be in the Quilts section of the Sketchbook. Click Close. To use this layout, click View Sketchbook button

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #35

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Tax time.  My least favorite time of year.  I just want to get them done and out of the way.  Doing the taxes occupies my mind for a couple weeks that seems never ending every year.  No time to play with digitizing designs or sewing them at the machine.  Getting creative after tax season is my reward for completing them.  What keeps you from your love of sewing, designing, digitizing?

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