EQStitch Sunday Stitch #35

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Tax time.  My least favorite time of year.  I just want to get them done and out of the way.  Doing the taxes occupies my mind for a couple weeks that seems never ending every year.  No time to play with digitizing designs or sewing them at the machine.  Getting creative after tax season is my reward for completing them.  What keeps you from your love of sewing, designing, digitizing?

Win prizes all year!

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WHAT ARE THE GRAND PRIZES? There are 3 large grand prizes totaling over $3,000! Cash, a brand new laptop, TONS of fabrics, lots of thread, books, notions and so much more! HOW DO I ENTER? Submit a video here and participate in each monthly contest on our blog. WHAT ARE THE MONTHLY PRIZES? Each month we give away an EQ7 on our sponsor’s blog and the sponsor gives away a prize on our blog! Contests run from the 10th-25th (Jan-Nov). HOW DO I ENTER? Visit our blog once a month and follow the contest prompts. WHAT ARE THE SOCIAL MEDIA PRIZES? On the 1st of each month, we randomly choose a winner from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We contact and send them a prize bundle! HOW DO I ENTER? Include the hashtag #EQ25 in all your social media posts throughout the year!

Quick Tip Tuesday – Opening Previous Version’s Projects in EQ7

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Did you know you can open EQ3, EQ4, EQ5 or EQ6 project in EQ7 (and EQStitch)? (EQ1 and EQ2 projects cannot be opened.) Click FILE > Open. The Project Helper will display. Click the Open an existing project tab. At the bottom-left of the box, click the folder button. In the Open box, click the Files of type drop-down menu. Choose Previous EQ versions. Navigate to the folder that holds your project. Select the file. Click Open. EQ7 will open the project, displaying the Project Sketchbook. The project will not become an EQ7 project until you resave it in the PJ7 folder. Click FILE > Save as. Click the down arrow beside the Save in: box > click My Documents > My EQ7 > PJ7. Type a name for the project in the File name: box. Click Save. Note: Here are the default locations for projects from previous versions: EQ6:

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #34

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Create depth in your designs by using stitch textures, stitch angles, and stitch colors.  Begin by drawing your design to create shapes that can be filled with stitches (closed shapes). Click on the set fill stitch icon on the toolbar on the stitch tab.  Select a stitch pattern that has a linear repeat texture. Click on each of the closed shapes to fill the area with the stitches. Edit the stitch direction on the fill stitch properties bar to help increase the visual effect of depth into the shapes. Color the shapes with the set thread tool to add even more depth to the design. NOTE:  It is difficult to see the stitch pattern and stitch direction when using very dark colors.  Lighter thread colors show the design elements more easily.

Quick Tip Tuesday – Making a Quilt Label

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You can use EQ7 to design a quilt label and then print it out directly onto EQ Printable Fabric Sheets! Here is a great video that helps explain how to do it!Or, we also have the written out steps…   Setting up the label Click WORKTABLE > Quilt worktable. Click QUILT > New Quilt > Horizontal. Click the Layout tab at the bottom of the worktable. Change the number of blocks to 1 for Horizontal and Vertical. Change the size to 5” for Width and Height (or choose the size you want for your label). Click the Borders tab. Choose the style you want for the edge (border) around your border. Click Layer 1. The center of your label can stay plain, but add color if you’d like. Click the Paintbrush  tool. Select a fabric or color in the palette. Click on the center of the label. Choose other colors

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #33

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Did you know you can see how the embroidery  you created in EQStitch will look on the quilt layout in EQ7?  You can determine if you want to stitch in alternate blocks, on a border, or over several blocks based on the size of the design you create.  You just need to keep in mind what hoop size you have for your particular machine and design within those restrictions.  You can always multi hoop for continuous designs that flow from one point to another. Once you have created your design and added it to the sketchbook, you will also see an image of the design in the sketchbook on the embellishment tab.  These are images of  your design and not the actual stitches needed to sew the design at the machine.  If you are placing your designs onto a quilt, you can design the quilt on the quilt worktable and

EQ Artist feature: Pat Bravo!

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EQ welcomes Art Gallery Fabrics designer, Pat Bravo to its family of EQ Artists! Pat is a long-time EQ user and loves to encourage other quilters to take advantage of EQ’s design features. Her fabric collections have been featured in our EQ Stash Online downloads and she has been a delight to chat with at trade shows. Check out her EQ Artist profile and visit her website to see her fabulous designs!           “EQ is an addiction! I use it with all of my quilts for accurate measurements and I love it. I recommend it to every quilter and beginner quilter I know.” -Pat Bravo    Take a look at some of the beautiful quilts Pat has designed with EQ7:   See more of Pat’s beautiful quilts on her website: www.patbravo.com. Love her fabrics? Find her collections in our EQ Stash Online downloads for EQ7!

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