Jan. 12, 2015

Moda Block Challenge: Join in and spread the word!

Three weeks left!

Visit the Free Fabrics of the Month page and download the new Fresh Cut by Basic Grey collection. You can find instructions on that page about how to link the Fabric Library to your EQ7. Design a block in EQ7 and color it with the Fresh Cut fabrics (2 solid colors may be added).
There will be a link up to submit your block on Friday, January 30th.

THREE winners will be chosen by Basic Grey judges, Rachel Brenchley and Allison Black!

For prizes and rules, view the original challenge post here.

Tell your friends!
Save this image (below) and upload it to your blog and social media sites to spread the word! Good luck!


Challenge ends Monday, February 2nd at 9am EST.

Jan. 10, 2015

Close to Albuquerque, New Mexico? Come see a demo of EQ7!

Jan. 09, 2015

Lots of Pieced Block Libraries!

Save 20% on select Boutique pieced block collections!

Do you prefer piecing over applique? We have hundreds of pieced block libraries available for your EQ7!

Use code JANPIECED | Sale ends 1/10/15

Jan. 07, 2015

Al Navas is an EQ Ace!

In late September Al Navas bought EQ7. By the end of the week he was designing his own quilts. In less than a month he was writing his own EQ lesson!

We were intrigued and asked him a little about himself, included how he started quilting.

    Al said, “This was pure serendipity! My wife Sandy had been working with embroidery designs for several years, using a Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond machine. I helped her digitize designs using 5D™ Design Creator, a part of the 5D™ Embroidery Extra suite. She also started quilting a few years ago, first using the Desingner Diamond, and also a home sewing machine; she incorporated embroidered blocks in her quilt designs. Meanwhile I kept learning the digitizing process, until I developed a good work flow; I am now confident I can tackle substantial embroidery digitizing projects.

A while back Sandy and her sister pooled money and bought the Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter, a long arm quilting machine, including the Quilt Sew Clever computer control. I took over the machine quilting for Sandy, while she remains busy stitching blocks into quilt tops. I learned to use it while trying to find the source of skipped stitches; and in the process I was hooked to the use of the long arm quilting machine! I am also making a little time to practice free motion quilting; feathers are coming along fine, and others too!

As I stitched patterns onto several quilts Sandy made, I started to draw a parallel between stitching together quilt blocks and quilting, to woodworking, which I have been doing for many years. Both require attention to detail, to ensure all parts of a block (and a nice jewelry box!) match properly.

In woodworking I used a 3D design program called SketchUp, and another called eCabinets System. Then I learned from Sandy about Electric Quilt, a computer-based block and quilt design program. What an epiphany!

Recently I started learning to use a sewing machine, in an attempt to learn the intricacies of making quilt blocks that later become a quilt top. I know I am many years late to this amazing art; but I hope I might learn enough to be able to stitch together an interesting and appealing quilt. I always enjoy learning something new!

As I read about Electric Quilt, both at The Electric Quilt website and other places on the Internet, I became fascinated by its capabilities. In use, I would be able to create blocks, and also create entire quilts using those blocks, using a computer – literally, a virtual quilt.

  In late September I purchased the download version of EQ7, to use on my Windows 7 laptop; on October 8 I submitted my entry to the Quilted in Honor quilt design challenge. To say I was hooked on EQ is very likely an understatement. In between I also purchased Blockbase, to accompany EQ. Love how the two work together! I enjoy working with EQ7, because now I can truly envision HOW a block goes together, including seam allowances, angles, etc. I can see how it will help me as I create blocks based on the designs.

It makes the entire learning experience very, very cool. Now all that remains is actual stitching on my green, 1972 vintage Sears Kenmore sewing machine – it even does zig-zag!

My explorations into the capabilities of EQ7 led me to the creation of PDF files from my design. And before long I came across the article on Exploding Blocks and Quilts for Patterns. I did not know this could be done with a PDF file! The only downside, if I wanted to be able to do it, was the expense of buying Adobe’s Illustrator program, used in the procedure.

I started exploring inexpensive and, preferably, free alternatives to Illustrator. This led me to use an open source alternative called Inkscape which can be downloaded for both the Windows and Mac OS platforms. As I played with Inkscape, I realized how close its command structure is to the Illustrator menu structure. I decided to write a procedure that would parallel the procedure to explode blocks and quilts already on the EQ website. And now the procedure I wrote lives on the EQ website.”

But that’s not all!

Al has a blog and a YouTube chann
el (which is tied to his Google+ page)

  His blog has Al’s latest design, The King’s Crowns. The blog includes information on how he’s made it along with videos.

He is a quick learner and a smart gentleman. We’re happy to have him (and you too!) as an EQ user :)

Jan. 05, 2015

EQ7 Block Challenge Featuring: Moda Fabrics

See who won!

We’re partnering with Moda Fabrics to bring you a fun challenge featuring “Fresh Cut” by Basic Grey! This block design challenge is open to all EQ7 users.


How to Get Started

Visit the Free Fabrics of the Month page and download the new Fresh Cut by Basic Grey collection. You can find instructions on that page about how to link the Fabric Library to your EQ7.

Challenge Rules

  • You must design your block using Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) design software.
  • The block design must be colored with Fresh Cut fabrics (you may add TWO solid colors/fabrics to the design).
  • The block design can be pieced, appliqué, or both!
  • Block must be at least 6” x 6”. Block designs do not need to be square.
  • The block design can be an original drawing, or a block from the Block Library that you’ve colored your own way using the Basic Grey fabrics.
  • No sewing required. The “virtual” EQ7 block design is all that’s needed to enter.
  • One entry per person

Submission Guidelines

On Friday, January 30th there will be a blog post where you can link up an image of your block design. The link up will close Monday, February 2 at 9am EST. Winner will be announced Wednesday, February 4th.

To create an image of your block design for the link up:

  1. With your block design on the Block Worktable, click FILE > Export Image.
  2. In the Export Image box, next to Save in, navigate to the folder where you’d like to save the image. Next to File Name, type a name for your file.  For Save as type, choose JPEG files.
  3. In the Export Image File of Block box, input these settings:
    Dimensions: type in the width and height you used to design the block
    Resolution: 150 dots per inch
    UNcheck Outline patches and Outline blocks
    JPEG Quality: 100
  4. Click OK.


THREE winners will be chosen by Basic Grey judges, Rachel Brenchley and Allison Black!

Rb ab


1st Prize:

Moda precuts of each of these Fresh Cut items:

1 Fat quarter bundle
1 Jelly Roll
1 Charm pack

An EQ with Me book of the winner’s choice

And an EQ Stash Online download of his/her choice

2nd Prize:

Moda precuts of each of these Fresh Cut items:

1 Fat eighth bundle
1 Jelly Roll

And an EQ with Me book of the winner’s choice

3rd Prize:

Moda precuts of each of these Fresh Cut items:

1 Layer Cake
1 Mini charm pack

And an EQ Stash Online download of his/her choice

Download the new Fresh Cut fabrics and start designing!

Jan. 03, 2015

Weekend Savings at EQ!

Quilting Designs Volumes 1-8 are 20% off!

Over 4,800 designs are included in the Quiltmaker Quilting Designs collection! Use these designs for your next quilting project. Find flowers, leaves, feathers, holiday designs, children’s favorites, allover designs and continuous line! Check the product page for a preview of the designs in each volume. Watch a video to learn more!

Use code NEWYEAR  |  Sale ends January 5, 2015

Jan. 01, 2015

Jean Spero’s Calendar Quilts

Happy New Year!

We have the perfect project for you in 2015! Jean Spero, a long time user of EQ, has made a wall-hanging for each month of the year. And she’s nice enough to share! (Get the EQ7 download here and here.) Also, be sure to check Jean’s notecards for tips and more information on each quilt.

You can see all of her EQ7 designs on the left and the actual quilts on the right. It’s amazing how similar they really are!


























She has even included a few extra alternatives.


We’d like to thank Jean for sharing her calendar quilts. What a fun idea!

We also hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year :)