Aug. 19, 2014

New EQ Artist: Angela Pingel!


We are so pleased to announce our newest EQ Artist, Angela Pingel! She’s recently released a book called “A Quilter’s Mixology” about how curved piecing can be easy and fun, especially in EQ7! Visit to get Angela’s free project download she designed herself!

Have you ever designed something using curved piecing? Comment to tell us about it!

Aug. 18, 2014

Modern Quilts Unlimited Summer Issue

The summer issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited is now available! It’s chocked full of Electric Quilt goodies, designers and information!
Patio by Jennifer Schifano Thomas of Curlicue Creations is included. The quilt is so cute! She designed it in EQ7. Jennifer says, “My design process usually starts the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper. After that, I take it to the EQ design program and that’s where my ideas really bloom! Patio started out as just some simple blocks with yellow rectangles. It was ALL yellow in the beginning. I changed the block design, until I was happy with that (I especially like the look this quilt has where the corners of the blocks come together). Then I got to do my favorite part, play with the color! As a child I always wanted to have “all the colors”. All the crayons, all the magic markers, all the paint, all the colored pencils, etc. With EQ I can have all the colors! The fabrics on the program are fantastic.  I often download the fabric palette of the month and play with that, plus I import fabrics from design collections that I want to use in my quilts. It’s endless color, texture, and emotion. Patio went through many color variations before I decided on the final design.”
Elizabeth Dackson from also designs in EQ7. And so does her son! Elizabeth says, “Ryan also loves to play with [the] Electric Quilt program, and has even taught [me] some things about the software, like how to flip blocks.”
Mary Puckett of had her quilt featured as well. She designed it and said, “I’m now on my 3rd or 4th version of EQ–not sure which. I love it! I use EQ for drawing blocks, designing quilts, and trying out various fabrics for quilts.  Sometimes I scan in my fabric and sometimes I go to fabric manufacturers’ sites and grab their pictures of fabric for my designs…Using EQ, I can try out multiple alternatives for my designs in FAR less time than if I had to do it all by hand.” You can read more about Mary here.
And a lesson from me! I use a Wedding Ring block in various layouts, with block modifications and lots of other tricks. You can check out the step-by-step lesson here. You can also download the EQ7 project with all the quilts!

Aug. 14, 2014

Creating a Keepsake

There are so many different inspirations for quilting. Creating a keepsake for someone special is probably at the top of the list. Last August, my oldest son was getting married and, as a parent, you always want to do something special as a wedding gift – create a keepsake.

Derek & Dena

Since I had worked for Electric Quilt for over 20 years, wasn’t the obvious gift a wedding quilt?  For an avid quilter, the answer would be an easy yes. For me, well, the answer was not so obvious. Yes, I know how to quilt, but I certainly would not call myself an avid quilter.

My inspiration, or should I say, my “feeling of pressure” to make a quilt started in early 2013. I’m in product development here at EQ and was knee-deep in the release of EQStitch in early 2013. All I had time for at that point was to “think” about a possible quilt.

That spring, EQ vended at the International Quilt Festivals in Cincinnati and Chicago and the quilt “Trajectory” by Megan Dye caught my eye. I imagine that many of you have seen this quilt. I just loved this quilt. I kept thinking that this was the type of quilt that I thought “I” could make. It was clean and simple. I could paper piece the blocks. Plus I could machine quilt it myself!

“Trajectory” by Megan Dye

I mocked up the quilt in EQ and was off to the fabric store with yardage requirements. Originally, I thought I would make it in grays and yellows. I thought those colors seems neutral enough so that the quilt would not look too masculine or too feminine. At the quilt shop, I quickly learned how difficult it was going to be for me to select the fabrics. I came across a section of solids and talked myself into making a “Trajectory Look-alike” because then I knew it would turn out beautiful. I started cutting fabric the first week of June and had it completed in six weeks.

Me and my quilt!

Label printed on EQ Printables, of course!

Derek and Dena loved the quilt. And I felt totally proud to have pulled off the task! And talk about inspiration! I made another quilt over the long, cold winter here in Ohio just for myself, and currently I’m putting the finishing touches on converting Derek’s bedroom into my sewing room.

Thank you Megan Dye for your beautifully inspiring quilts.
Thank you EQ7 for your pattern printing and yardage calculations.
Thank you Jenny Novinsky and Margaret Okuley, my fellow EQ “avid quilters” for answering all my questions during the construction phases.
Thank you EQ Company for the best job ever for 22 years!

Another Megan Dye quilt that won First place at QuiltCon for Use of Negative Space

If you’ve been using earlier EQ versions, then you may remember this photo of  Derek, age 3, that was used in EQ5.

Happy One Year Anniversary Derek and Dena!

Aug. 13, 2014

Close to Loveland, Colorado?

Aug. 12, 2014

Save 20% on Judy Martin’s Star Power!

Aug. 08, 2014

EQ Quilt Design Challenge featuring Quilted in Honor!

We’re partnering with Island Batik to bring you a new quilt design challenge featuring the Quilted in Honor fabric collection by Kathy Engle for Island Batik. The Quilted in Honor fabric collection was created to benefit Operation Homefront. You can read more about the Quilted in Honor project by clicking here.

How to Get Started

Visit the Free Fabrics of the Month page and download the new Quilted in Honor collection. You can find instructions on that page about how to link the the Fabric Library to your EQ7.

Challenge Rules

  • You must design your quilt using Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) design software.
  • The quilt design must be colored with Quilted in Honor fabrics ONLY!
  • Three design categories to choose from: Pieced, Appliqué, or Combination (pieced + appliqué)
  • Any size!
  • No sewing required. The “virtual” EQ7 quilt design is all that’s needed to enter.
  • One entry per person

Submission Guidelines

On Wednesday, October 1st there will be a blog post where you can link up an image of your quilt design. The link up will be open until Friday, October 3 at 5pm EDT. The winners will be announced shortly after!


Winners will be chosen by special guest judges Annie Unrein and Pat Sloan.

Annie-Unrein Pat-Sloan


One winner will be chosen from each of the three categories (Pieced, Appliqué, and Combination)

If your quilt makes the top 50 best designs, we will ask you to send us the project file. These will be available for all users as free EQ7 project downloads on!

Each winner will receive:

An Island Batik fabric bundle consisting of 5 yards of their bright and colorful new batiks!


An EQ with Me book of the winner’s choice

And an EQ Stash Online download of their choice

Download the Quilted in Honor fabrics and start designing!

Aug. 06, 2014

Tonga Cabana Block Challenge: Winner!

We were so impressed with all of the beautiful block entries in the Tonga Cabana Block Challenge! If you haven’t already, go check out all the entries here. You’re sure to be inspired by these great blocks.

We are happy to announce that Lynda Hutchison is the winner! Here is Lynda’s block:

A special thank you to Timeless Treasures for partnering with us on this fun challenge. Visit their website and like them on Facebook to see even more fabulous fabrics!