Jul. 14, 2015

Tool Tip Tuesday! – Work on Image

Work on Image

Use this tool to display the Image worktable. The image worktable is great to use when you are scanning fabric, making photo quilts and quilt labels just to name a few! You can crop your images, adjust the color, turn colored images into black and white and much more!

To work on a new image:

1. Click the Work on Image button.

2. Click Image on the top menu.

3. Click Import Image.

4. Select the image you want to work on from the hard drive.

5. Click Open.

To edit an image from the Project Sketchbook:

1. Click the View Sketchbook  button.

2. Click the Photos section.

3. Click directly on the image to select it.

4. Click Edit > to Image worktable. The Sketchbook will close and the image will display on the worktable.

The Image worktable

Below is a diagram of the Image worktable. This is where you enhance photos and prepare images for printing on photo fabric.

What can you do on the Image Worktable?

There are lots of effects you can apply from the image worktable. Here is a video about applying effects.

You can also:
Increase/Decrease Color Depth, Resize the image, Balance color automatically, Change Red/Green/Blue (RGB) levels, Change Hue/Saturation/Luminosity (HSL) levels, Colorize to make not only sepia colored images, but desaturated images in any color, including 100% black and white images, Use Hue Map to change ranges of color in the image to other ranges on the color wheel, Channel mixer lets you change red, green, blue, and contrast levels to make creative color adjustments for any photo (and remove color casts from a photo), Create Colorway changes all the colors in an image according to ready-made palettes, custom palettes, or random palettes, for example making the sky pink and the flowers turquoise, View the Histogram to see different levels in the image, Adjust the Histogram, Equalize the Histogram, and Adjust Brightness and Contrast.

For more information, check out the lessons included in your EQ7 that talk more about the image worktable.

Or, you can search for a specific topic in the Help.

• If you’d like a reminder of this and other tools in EQ7, check out the  Display Dynamic Help tool.
• To print this: Click the title (Tool Tip Tuesday! -  Work on Image) and then print as normal.

Jul. 13, 2015

Timeless Treasures Block Challenge

[This challenge has ended. See who won here.]


This block design challenge is open to everyone! All you have to do is color a block using fabrics from Timeless Treasure’s new Charleston collection by Revive and submit it by Monday, July 27th!
No sewing required! No software required!

Challenge Rules

1.  Choose a block (or design your own) and color it with Charleston fabric(s). You may do this using any method you’d like: draw and color it on graph paper, design it using software, choose a block from EQ7, etc. You may use as many Charleston fabrics as you’d like and may also add 1 solid color. (A minimum of 1 Charleston fabric is required. You may not use fabric from any other collection. Winning block is not chosen by quantity of fabrics used.)
2.  Submit an image/photo of your block using the Link Up feature at the bottom of this blog post by the deadline.
3.  One entry per person.

View the Charleston collection here

Using EQ7?

If you’d like to use EQ7 for this challenge, draw or select a block in EQ7 and color it with Charleston fabrics using the free download below. You may also use 1 solid color if you’d like. Export a JPEG of your block and submit it using the Link Up feature at the bottom of this blog post.

Download the Charleston collection for EQ7 here

Submitting Your Block

You may submit a photo or image of your block whenever you’d like using the Link Up at the bottom of this blog post.

Deadline: The challenge will close Monday, July 27th at 9am EDT.
Winners will be announced Wednesday, July 29th.

Here’s how to create an image of your block if you are using EQ7:
(If you are not using EQ7 and need help submitting, simply take photo of your design and upload it.)

  1. With your block design on the Block Worktable, click FILE > Export Image.
  2. In the Export Image box, next to Save in, navigate to the folder where you’d like to save the image. Next to File Name, type a name for your file.  For Save as type, choose JPEG files.
  3. In the Export Image File of Block box, input these settings:
    Dimensions: type in the width and height you used to design the block
    Resolution: 150 dots per inch
    Outline patches and Outline blocks is optional.
    JPEG Quality: 100
  4. Click OK.


And to the winner goes:


  • A fat quarter bundle of Charleston fabrics!
  • $75 merchandise credit for anything at ElectricQuilt.com! (Excludes online classes at EQ University.)

Start designing now. Two weeks will go by fast!

You may submit your block any time! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.
Good luck! :)

Jul. 08, 2015

Buy 2 Books, Save 25%

The biggest sale of the summer! Mix and match any 2 books at ElectricQuilt.com, and take 25% off your order! Must have 2 books in cart for discount to be applied.

Promo code: JULYBOOKS  |  Sale ends: 7/10/15

EQ with Me Lesson Books

Get to know your EQ7 with these EQ7 lesson books. Work step-by-step to gain the knowledge you need to start designing on your own!

Other Best Sellers

Do you own EQStitch and want to learn more about digitizing? Or maybe you’re a Karen K. Stone fanatic! Check out these other top books from Electric Quilt!

Jul. 08, 2015

Christmas in July!

It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday sewing, right?! To jump start your Christmas sewing mojo, checkout these free EQ7 projects designed by our EQ Artists. Click on an image below to visit the download page for the project.

Kimberly Einmo

Christa Watson

Nan Baker

Jean Biddick

Marlene Oddie

Gail Kessler

Nancy Mahoney

Karen Combs

Sandi Blackwell

Lerlene Nervaril

Toby Lischko

Patti Carey

Linda Franz

Bea Lee

EQ Dean & Penny


Already sewn one of these holiday projects? Send us a photo at webmaster@electricquilt.com!

Jul. 07, 2015

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Set Photo Tool

  The Set Photo Tool

Use this tool to display the palette of photos you have added to the Sketchbook.

Importing Photo Images

1. Click Libriaries > Photo Library.

2. Click Import > From Image Files. The Import from Image Files dialog box will be displayed.

3. Click the drop-down list next to Files of type. Choose Image Files. Leaving the option on Image Files will display all image types at once.

4. Click the drop-down list next to Look in. Navigate to find the folder containing the photos you wish to import. The image files will display in the dialog box.

5. Click to select the files you want to import. You can multiple-select by holding the SHIFT key on your keyboard and selecting a range of files, or by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking on the individual files you want to import.

6. Click Open. The photos will be displayed in the Import Results section of the Photo Library.

7. Click to select the photos you want to add to this project, then click Add to Sketchbook.

8. Click Close to close the Library.

To set a photo on Layer 1 of a Horizontal layout
1. Click the Set Photo tool

2. Click directly on a photo in the palette to select it.

3. Click a block space in your quilt. The photo will fill the block space. OR, click, hold and drag the photo from the palette to the quilt. Release the mouse to drop the photo on the quilt.

To set a photo in Custom Set, or Layer 2 or 3

1. Click directly on a photo in the palette to select it.

2. Position your mouse cursor over the quilt.

3. Hold down the keyboard SHIFT key.

4. Click, hold and drag diagonally to form a box on the quilt.

5. Release the mouse. The photo will appear on your quilt.

6. If necessary, use the Adjust tool to adjust photo size and position.

OR, click, hold and drag the photo from the palette to the quilt. Release the mouse to drop the photo on the quilt.

NOTE: When you import an image as fabric it will tile, when you import an image as a photo it will not tile.


• If you’d like a reminder of this and other tools in EQ7, check out the  Display Dynamic Help tool.
• To print this: Click the title (Tool Tip Tuesday! -  The Set Photo Tool) and then print as normal.

Jul. 07, 2015

Bea Lee’s EQ7 Tutorial Tuesdays

Bea Lee is a long time EQ7 user. We have previously featured her on our blog, and she’s also an EQ Artist!

Bea was introduced to quilting in 2004 at a church class, but it took a few years for her to get hooked. Her passion took hold when she started making charity quilts and entering quilt shows. Now, her quilts have been published in numerous magazines and she says, “I couldn’t have done this without EQ!”

She writes EQ7 Tutorials on every other Tuesday, and she has been doing so since 2012. So, there are a lot of lessons to choose from!



How to Modify a Layout From a Magazine
How to Make a Rail Fence Border
How to Download Fabrics into Library
How to Make a Flying Geese Wreath
Making and Saving Custom Blocks
Making Serendipity Blocks
Making a Sampler Quilt
Picture Quilts
Creating Quilt from a Block
Hexie Baby Blocks Fun
Feathered Star Quilt

All those are included and 65 more! Including how to determine is a quilt is fat quarter friendly, making a pattern and numerous lessons involving Accuquilt GO! Dies.

So much helpful information on a wide variety of topics! Go check it out!

Jul. 02, 2015

Perfect Projects for The 4th of July!

We have an assortment of FREE American Flag themed quits! All of these projects are available for EQ7, EQ6 or Quilt Design Wizard! Just click on an image to be able to download the file.

Also, our office will be closed tomorrow, July 3rd, in observation of Independence Day. We hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!