Aug. 17, 2015

Spring 2016 EQA – Enrollment Opens Tomorrow!

EQ Academy Ohio Location: April 21-23, 2016

Reminder! Enrollment opens Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 11:00am EDT for the Spring 2016 Ohio location only. View class options now >

View class listings for both locations >

Aug. 16, 2015

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #3

I have to design lessons for several different classes I am teaching on the use of EQStitch.  I find myself constantly returning to my favorite tool for my samples.  That tool is the Wreath Maker tool.  It is so easy to create repeated patterns of a design.  They do appear in a circle, but I can move the individual elements outside of the circle line if I wish for a new look.

1.  On the stitch worktable , set up the worktable to be an embroidery table.

2.  Click on the ‘drawing board options’ icon on the properties bar.

In the drawing board box, set the embroidery edge setting to a bean stitch with a shortened stitch length of 1.5.  The shortened stitch length allows the stitches to easily sew around a curve for a smooth stitched look.

Set the embroidery fill setting to be a smooth stitch.  Be sure to click on ‘OK’ in the bottom of the box to set the new properties of your drawing.

TIP:  Always set your stitch properties before you begin drawing so you don’t need to change them on the stitch tab later.  It makes your digitizing process faster.  You can always change your mind and re-set a different stitch property on the  stitch tab later.

3.  Draw any shape you wish on the hoop area by selecting the shape and then click/hold/drag/ release the cursor on the hoop area to place the shape.  With the ‘pick tool’ selected, select the shape you drew and move it to the top of the screen on the vertical horizontal line by clicking on the center crosshair and dragging it to the place you need it.

With the shape still selected, click on the ‘wreathmaker tool’ icon on the properties bar.

In the selection box, set the number of units you want and the spacing you would like to use.  NOTE:  This  is an individual preference and you may have to play with the settings a bit before you get the shape you want to use.  Your settings will be different than mine based on the size and shape of the drawing you created.  Below is an example only.  Be sure to click ‘OK’ to set  your wreathmaker options.


4.  The design will appear on your worktable slightly off center.   Click on the ‘center selected segments’ icon on the properties bar to center the design on the worktable.

5.  Repeat this process using different drawing tools and shapes and resize the amount of area it fills in the wreathmaker properties box.

Add the design drawing to the sketchbook before you go to the stitch tab.  This way, if the program ever crashes or closes unexpectedly, you will not have to redraw the design as it will be in the sketchbook.

6.  Click on the ‘stitch’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

Use the tools on the right side of the screen to change any fill or edge settings you want to at this time.  The edge stitch and fill stitch that are automatically applied are the settings we selected on the drawing board before we began our drawing process.

Click on the ‘set thread’ tool icon on the toolbar and select a color then move the cursor over to the elements drawn and click once to apply that color.  Use multiple colors for a variety of looks to the same design.

Have fun playing with my favorite tool!!  It may become your favorite tool too.!!

Aug. 13, 2015

EQ7 Row-A-Long – Free Projects & lots of prizes including an EQ7!

Marian Pena is hosting a Row-A-Long!

20 great quilt designers are creating quilt rows for mixing and matching! I’ve seen some previews of the rows and they are ADORABLE!

But, not only will the designers provide a pattern for you, but they will also be featuring Electric Quilt tutorials. And, there are TONS of great prizes including an EQ7!

Here is the Row-A-Long schedule along with the season that the designers will be featuring.

September 1
Marlene Oddie at Kissed Quilts – Spring
Lynn Zydon Provencher at Thimblemouse & Spouse – Winter
Dorice Cotten Rice at The Quilting Queen Online - Summer
Janeen van Niekerk at Quilt Art Designs – Fall
Bea Lee at Be A Quilter – Filler Row
Anneka Kornelis at Stof Genoeg – Filler Row

September 8
Lorna McMahon at Sew Fresh Quilts – Fall
Carol Steely at Fun Threads – Spring
Amy Heaton at Country Junk’tion – Summer
Marian Pena at Seams To Be Sew – Winter
Anneka Kornelis at Stof Genoeg – Filler Row

September 15
Reeze Hanson at Morning Glory Designs – Summer
Marian Pena at Seams To Be Sew – Winter
Jennifer Ofenstein at Sew Hooked – Spring
Carol Swift at Just Let Me Quilt – Fall
Anneka Kornelis at Stof Genoeg – Filler Row

September 22
Carla Henton at Creatin’ in the Sticks – Summer
Patti Carey at Patti’s Patchwork – Winter
Nancy Myers at Patchwork Breeze – Spring
Marian Pena at Seams To Be Sew – Fall
Linda Franz  at – Filler Row
Anneka Kornelis at Stof Genoeg – Filler Row

September 29
Amy Warner at Sew Incredibly Crazy – Summer
Darlene at Quilt Shop Gal – Winter
Marian Pena at Seams To Be Sew – Spring
Loreen Bogdan at Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse Quilts – Fall
Anneka Kornelis at Stof Genoeg – Filler Row
Heidi Kory at the EQ Blog – A Tutorial On Combining Rows

October 6 – Show and Tell Day
Marian Pena at Seams To Be Sew
Dorice Cotten Rice at The Quilting Queen Online
Amy Warner at Sew Incredibly Crazy
Carla Henton at Creatin’ in the Sticks
Carol Swift at Just Let Me Quilt

How about some prizes?
Electric Quilt – an EQ7 to one lucky winner!
Northcott Fabrics – each featured blog will give away a bundle of 6-8 yards of fabric
Fat Quarter Shop – 25.00 gift certificate to each blogger to give away
KLIC-N-KUT- Zing Air basic package
Craftsy – 3 winners will recieve a class of their choice
Sulky – 2 6-packs of their newest 30 wt cotton threads
Hobbs Batting – 5 bats
DreamWorthy Quilts – a pattern of the winner’s choice
Cherry Blossoms Patterns – a 25.00 gift certificate
Aurifil – several designer packs of cotton thread
Connecting Threads – 2 $25.00 gift certificates
Nancy’s Notions – 2 $10.00 gift certificates
Therm O Web – the following  to one lucky recipient: 7 colors of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets, 1 can of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Fusible Spray Adhesive, 1 bottle of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Liquid Adhesive, 1 pack of  iCraft® Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive Sheets, 1 pack of  HeatnBond® Ultra 1 yard pack, 1 pack of  HeatnBond® Lite 1 yard pack, and 1 pack of  StitchnSew™ Interfacing 1 yard pack

More great prizes from the Row-A-Long designers!
Lorna McMahon at Sew Fresh Quilts – her Fox and Friends Pattern
Linda Franz  at -  5 $20.00 Inklingo gift certificates
Janeen van Niekerk at Quilt Art Designs – an eBook of the winner’s choice
Marlene Oddie at Kissed Quilts – her latest book “You Can Quilt”
Loreen Bogdan at Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse Quilts – a  quilt kit for her row patterns
Jennifer Ofenstein at Sew Hooked – BOM Paper Piecing Vintage Pattern

Mark your calendars! And be sure to check back for more information and updates!

Aug. 12, 2015

Creative Spark: Quiltmaker Sept/Oct ’15

EQ7 user Janice Averill has another stunning design in the September/October issue of Quiltmaker! Her beautiful quilt is also the focus of the newest Creative Spark feature on page 39 of the magazine.

Rudeneja, pictured above, is made of a single block repeated and rotated to create the intricate design. Changing the color placement in the patches of the individual block results in very different quilts!

Make sure you check out the companion EQ7 lesson for the article on Quiltmaker’s site: EQ7 Coloring Tools

Aug. 11, 2015

Tool Tip Tuesday! – The Customize Toolbars Tool

The Customize Toolbars Tool

If you don’t see the tool you are looking for, try clicking Customize Toolbars and adding the tool.

The Customize Toolbars option allows you to modify your toolbars from their default settings. This option is available on all toolbars on the Quilt worktable and the Block worktable. Button Size and Style will affect both worktables and will be remembered when EQ7 is closed. Also, if you choose to Restore Default Tools, you will lose your settings on both worktables.

Using the Customize Toolbars Option to Modify the Tools:
1.Click on the Customize Toolbars  button at the end of the toolbar. Or you may right-click with your mouse on any of the tool images on the toolbar.

2. Choose your option from the pop-up menu.

• If you’d like a reminder of this and other tools in EQ7, check out the  Display Dynamic Help tool.
• To print this: Click the title (Tool Tip Tuesday! -  The Customize Toolbars Tool) and then print as normal.

Aug. 11, 2015

EQ Academy 2016 – Dates Announced!

After a successful EQ Academy this past April, we are excited to announce TWO locations for 2016! View all the classes >

Read the recap and reviews from the 2015 event.

Perrysburg, OH – April 21-23, 2016

The Perrysburg, Ohio location will offer 3 EQ7 classes and 1 EQStitch class. Mary Ellen Kranz and Christa Watson will be teaching beginner EQ7 classes, Barb Vlack will teach a “confident” beginner class and Yvonne Menear will be teaching an EQStitch class. Classes run for three days from 9:00am-4:00pm with an hour lunch break. Friday evening will be a lecture series from all the teachers…an EQ Academy favorite! Enrollment opens August 18, 2015.

Denver, CO – September 8-10, 2016

The Denver location (Greenwood Village, CO) is a new EQ Academy location! We are excited to be able to offer this off-site workshop. There will be 2 EQ7 classes and 1 EQStitch class, plus an evening lecture series from the teachers. Classes run for three days from 9:00am-4:00pm with an hour lunch break. Enrollment opens January, 2016.

Aug. 09, 2015

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #2

The hardest thing I had to do when I first started using computer programs was to find the support I needed as a newbie.  I was surprised how little help there was out there for any of my programs. I had to search out help/lessons by myself.  My sewing store that sold me my first digitizing software told me they were a sewing machine store and not a computer store.  They had to promote and sell the software that went along with their computerized embroidery machines, but they really had no idea how to use it.  So–it was self teaching for me!  I did find a couple instructors in the world that I could attend a class by them, but it was really way over my head as I had never used a computer before, let alone understood anything to do with digitizing!  But, the more I studied the more it began to make sense.  My local store then hired me to teach their software program so they could learn!  That was 30 or more years ago.  Today we have a multitude of resources for us to help us learn our programs.  I love the EQ company for all the support they offer us with tech support and built in learning options in the EQStitch program itself.  How may ways of learning EQStitch do you utilize?

There  is the tip of the day that comes up when we open our EQStitch program.  The EQStitch tips are at the end of those suggestions.  Scroll through the tips until you reach the EQStitch tips.

Another built in feature to help with visual learning is the videos about EQStitch.  Just click on the video strip icon to see what is available.  

On the HELP menu there are lessons built into the EQStitch program that will get you started with using the program.

There is the Dynamic Display help that will show when you choose a tool to work with if you turn it on.  Just click on the icon to have the help displayed  Click on it again to turn it off.

There are YouTube videos by both the Electric Quilt Company and by myself (Yvonne Menear) that show you how to use the program tools.  Go to YouTube and search for EQStitch.  This is great if you are a visual learner!


This is an image from a YouTube video I created with EQStitch.

Of course, there is my book that the EQ company sells as a beginner introduction to using the EQStitch program.

I have a Yahoo E-group dedicated to the EQStitch users.  You can find it at

There are also hands-on-classes sponsored by the EQ Company.  Check the EQ website to see the upcoming EQAcademy classes in Ohio and Denver.

The Houston International Quilt Festival also has hands on classes for both EQ7 and EQStitch.

Also check with your local quilt shows and quilt shops to see if any EQ classes are offered.  Some stores even have continuing EQ clubs.

So, there are many ways to learn the EQ products you have.  Be sure to check them out and see what you can discover.