EQStitch Sunday Stitch #39

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We are limited by our own thoughts.  No one person has all the ideas or answers.  Brainstorming with others who share a passion in common opens up all new ideas for individuals.  I love it when I teach a class and the students are full of questions.  It is great to have them so engaged in the subject matter.  I also love speaking with other educators and hearing how they present topics and spread the news of new ideas and concepts that evolve to a higher level of personal experience. The EQAcademy in Ohio was this weekend.  We shared ideas and had great laughs.  My head is spinning with ideas as to how to use the EQStitch program even more in the future.  For a little program that is considered an entry level digitizing program it sure can accomplish so much.  All it takes is imagination and understanding how to

Free Riley Blake patterns from Jina Barney!

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Did you know that Jina Barney uses EQ7 to design patterns for Riley Blake Designs? She also has her own pattern company called Butterfly Kisses. Read about her experience with EQ and check out the beautiful quilts she designs with it! She even offered two free PDF patterns from Riley Blake Designs and Penny Rose fabrics! EQ: Hi Jina! I’m so interested to learn about your journey with EQ7 (especially since you design INCREDIBLE quilts for Riley Blake Designs)! I can’t wait to hear how EQ7 has helped with them. Tell us a bit about yourself! Jina: I learned to sew at an early age while growing up in Australia. As a young girl, I loved to make doll clothes. I learned to knit and sew many other craft projects, and was always busy creating something. When I was a teenager my father provided all the patterns and fabric I

EQ Academy is here!

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Today is the first day of our 3-day EQ workshop in Perrysburg, Ohio. We’re so excited to meet all the students! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what’s going on at EQ Academy 2016! See photos from last year’s EQ Academy >> Want to come to our next workshop? EQ Academy will be hosted in Denver, CO too! Read more >>

Quick Tip Tuesday – English Paper Piecing Templates

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How do I print English paper piecing templates? You can print a whole sheet of English paper piecing templates from any of the One Patch quilt layouts. Start with a one patch quilt on the Quilt Worktable. Hexagons are the first shape to come to mind when you think of english paper piecing, but have you seen the Cobblestone layout available in EQ7? Octagons + squares = super cute! Click the Select tool . Click one of the patches to select it. Click Print > Block. Leave the size as Use size from quilt. Choose the style Outline drawing. Click the Options tab. Check Print as many as fit (leave other options unchecked). Click Preview and you’ll see a sheet of repeated templates for English paper piecing. Click Print. If your layout has more than one shape (like the Cobblestones layout), repeat the steps above for the other shape.

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #38

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One color designs are my favorite to stitch at the machine.  With no constant thread changes  it can make for a quick design to stitch.  But sometimes I am not happy with the results.  If all of the design is stitched with one stitch type only it can look flat and uninteresting. When digitizing designs with your EQStitch program you can add more depth and interest by varying your stitch type.  Remember to use the properties bar at the top of the screen to change the stitch width, density, and direction.  Remove underlay stitches for a more open stitch look when possible.  Mix up various stitches in one design so your eye moves from element to element when viewing.  This is much more interesting than a single type of stitch through out the entire design. Since the one color design stitches continuously from segment to segment try to avoid jump

Cover quilt designed in EQ!

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Another cover quilt designed in EQ7! This time it’s Jennifer Schifano Thomas’ quilt “Do-Si-Do” on the cover of Love of Quilting (May/June 2016). I’m sure you recognize it?! EQ: Congrats on making the cover of Love of Quilting! Your Do-Si-Do quilt is just beautiful! Is this your first time being in a magazine? How does it feel? Jennifer: Thank you so much!  I have been designing quilt patterns for magazines for over a decade.  My first design was Mulberry Square, published by Quiltmaker magazine in 2002.  Quilt designing started out as a fun hobby, but eventually became my full time career.  How does it feel to have a design published in a quilting magazine?  It feels wonderful, every time! EQ: How does a designer get his/her quilt on the cover of a magazine? Jennifer: That is a good question.  I’ve only been featured on a few covers.  My quilts that

Quick Tip Tuesday – EQ7 & Jelly Roll Projects

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Kimberly Einmo has been an EQ user since EQ3 and we were thrilled to be able to work with her recently to create two EQ7 products from her popular books Jelly Quilts & More and Jelly Roll Quilt Magic (both published by AQS). The downloadable products contain EQ7 project files for each of Kimberly’s original quilts, along with 3-4 variations of each quilt.      Many of Kimberly’s designs use half-square triangles that finish at 2”. Standard “quilter’s math” tells us that you should add 7/8” to the finished size of a half-square triangle to find your cut size. EQ7’s rotary cutting charts follow standard quilter’s math, so you’ll see that it tells you to cut all those half-square triangles at 2-7/8”: Jelly roll strips are only 2-1/2”, so how do we use jelly rolls for these HST units? Kimberly has a ruler for cutting HSTs from jelly rolls called the

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