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EQ6 Designed Wedding Quilt Patterns

Posted 05-12-2008 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Partners Mary Keasler and Kathy Skomp shared with us their EQ6 creations in their new published book of EQ6 quilt patterns so we thought we’d spread the news on to you. Mary and Kathy have just completed a book of four EQ6 designed quilt patterns, “And The Greatest of These is Love.” The patterns are all wedding themed, however, as the book explains the designs are not exclusive to wedding projects. Kathy’s quilts are designed in EQ6 to be a quick and easy, yet beautifully graphic and Mary enjoys a combination of appliqué and pieced for the more advanced quilter. You can find their new book in many individual quilt shops across the country or visit their site. Plans to follow up with a volume 2 are in the works. Congratulations on the new book, Ladies!

Alright, who hasn't tried Serendipity > Merge Blocks yet?

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Next time you’re looking for some cool blocks and don’t feel like drawing, trying using Serendipity. Make sure you have blocks in your Sketchbook. Go to the Block Worktable. From the menu at the top, choose BLOCK > Serendipity > Merge Blocks. Mix and match the blocks in your Sketchbook and click the Add to Sketchbook button for any that you like. When you open the Merge Blocks box, EQ will evaluate each block in the Sketchbook and decide if it is suitable for a background block. You won’t see all your Sketchbook blocks on the left, only the ones that meet the following requirements: 1) Blocks must be EasyDraw™ blocks created on the EasyDraw™ drawing board, or blocks from the Library that have been drawn using EasyDraw. 2) The block must have at least ONE parallelogram that’s larger than other patches. 3) The size of the parallelogram must take

Calling All Bloggers!

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Do you blog about EQ on your blog? If so, we’d like to know about it! We want to unite the EQ community and help spread new ideas, EQ patterns and blocks, EQ tricks, and inspiring stories. Blogging for your store? Share ideas on how you use and market EQ in your business. If you’re blogging about EQ contact us at: penny@electricquilt.com sarahkollar@electricquilt.com Tell us how you use EQ and send us a link to your blog.

Looking for More EQ Blocks and Patterns?

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Our EQ users are always designing with fun and unique blocks of their own and lucky for the rest of us, they like to share them! Annie Unrein is an EQ6er who loves to share her charming patterns and blocks on her web site. Annie also posts a “Block of the Month” so be sure to check her site often for the latest updates.   Also, check out her blog at, www.byanniecom.blogspot.com.

Simulate a Satin-Stitch in EQ6 – Feed Dog Can Show You How.

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Visit Feed Dog’s blog to learn how you can simulate a satin-stitch in your quilt designs! “I used three different thread colours, each a shade or two darker than the patch it surrounds. This gives me a pretty good idea of how my lemon slice would look appliquéd with a satin stitch.” ~ Feed Dog

EQ Printable Fabrics – Tiny Photo Quilts

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Kate McComas from Charleston WV shared the Tiny Photo Quilts she has made using EQ Printable Fabrics. Kate/everyone, We’re so glad you are enjoying them, because we’re enjoying your creations! The tiny photo quilts Kate showed us are a great example of some fun weekend projects with EQ printable fabric. She printed photos onto the fabric sheets and then blended them with really fun prints to complement the colors and textures in her photos. This technique is great for journal quilting when you find a photo that really inspires you. Check out Kate’s quilts. My favorite is the Tunnel Tiny Quilts made from photos of a mystical tunnel in Shanghai. The colors are just so warm. Thanks for inspiring us, Kate!

Auto Borders Tip

Posted 05-08-2008 by Electric Quilt | Posted in: Uncategorized

Did you know that most of the Auto Borders are either square or at a 2:1 ratio? Next time you go to use an Auto Border, try this: 1) go to the Borders tab first 2) change your border to “Tile Squares” 3) Increase or decrease the number of blocks horizontally in the border to suit the center of your quilt. (Tile Squares always has square blocks. If your quilt center doesn’t work with the number of blocks it will add a spacer.) 4) go to the Layer 1 tab and use your Set Auto Borders tool to put a border on your quilt. (Read the gray box on page 302 if you haven’t added it to your toolbar.) If they are square, they will look perfect. If they are at 2:1, then just halve the number of horizontal blocks on the Borders tab. Pretty neat, eh?

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