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EQStitch Sunday Stitch #52

Posted 07-24-2016 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

Sunday Stitch is changing!  Instead of being a weekly blog it is changing to a monthly blog with new ideas presented the third Sunday of each month.  I can’t believe it has been a year of weekly blog entries all ready.  Print the blogs and have them bound to use as a  quick reference guide on how to work with the tools and inspirational ideas suggesting how  you can get more creative with the EQStitch program. Have you considered thread color as a digitizing element?  Simply applying color to the elements of a design can create a unique look.  Even with monochromatic designs you can get amazing results with your designs. Open your EQStitch program on the desktop to luanch it and start a new design on the embroidery worktable. Change the size of the hoop area to be a 125 x 175 mm hoop (5 x 7 inch stitch field).

Quick Tip Tuesday! Circular Quilts

Posted 07-19-2016 by Heidi | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday Uncategorized

There are a few different ways to make a round quilt in EQ7. Here is one. Click Libraries > Layout Library > Basics by Style > Stars Select the Stars – 19 layout. Click Add to Sketchbook. Close the Layout Library. Click View Sketchbook > Quilts Click Edit Add blocks that you’ve drawn or from the Block Library and you can come up with some amazing results! Click the Adjust tool Click on the “empty” blocks and press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the blocks. Turn off the grid Click the Borders tab and delete the border. Click the Layer 1 tab. Right click with your mouse and uncheck Outline Patches and Outline Blocks. Recolor as you wish. This is a quick way to make a circle quilt. A more in depth version of this tip is available in EQ with Me: Quilt Design book. The book

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #51

Posted 07-17-2016 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

As a digitizer for machine embroidery, you need to consider your end product.  What are you digitizing for?  Are you making a home decor item, a quilt, a decorative element on a garment, or for a craft that is not traditionally done on fabric?  All of the different projects require different settings for stitches when you are digitizing.  Also consider  how the product will be handled.  Will it hang on a wall, be washed constantly, or simply viewed and treasured with little touch?  So many questions need to be asked before you even begin as it influences how you digitize the design. Consider how you would digitize an embroidery design for stitching on card stock.  If you have stitches that are small in length and very dense and close together, it will actually poke so many holes into the card stock that the design will fall out of the card.

July – Win fabric from Island Batik!

Posted 07-10-2016 by Christine | Posted in: EQ25

This contest is closed. Congratulations to our winner: Bonny Peters! Stay tuned for next month’s contest sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics! View full contest schedule here. Welcome to the seventh of ELEVEN giveaways we’re hosting on our blog this year. Each contest will open on the 10th of every month and feature one of our 25th Anniversary sponsors. July Featured Sponsor: Island Batik!  They’ve provided 10.7 yards from the Wind and Sea fabric collection! (Shells and basket not included  ) To enter, answer this question by commenting below: Where do you buy your quilting notions? Wait, there’s more -  Win an EQ7 on Island Batik’s blog! EQ 25th Anniversary blog contests close at 9am ET on the 25th of every month. Winner announced on the 25th of every month. Participation in each monthly EQ contest counts as one entry toward the grand prize giveaways thus allowing for up to 11

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #50

Posted 07-10-2016 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

Open your EQStitch program and make sure you are on the embroidery worktable. Now create a design with as many elements as you want.  Overlap them and lay them one on top of the other to create layers of stitches. Click on the stitch tab at the bottom of the screen. Apply the stitch properties of your choice with the edge stitch and fill stitch tools. Notice how when elements are directly one on top of the other you may not be able to access the layer on the bottom. Click on the Move UP/Down tool on the toolbar.  Now you can see all the elements you drew as separate pieces. Click on a shape in the box to select it.  It will have a bright green selection line around it. Now move it to a new position with the move buttons a the bottom of the box. Whenever layers

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #49

Posted 07-03-2016 by Yvonne | Posted in: EQStitch Favorite Posts Sunday Stitch

One important tool built into EQStitch is the simulate stitching tool on the stitch tab.  This is where you can ‘virtually deconstruct’ the stitch design and ‘watch it sew’ on the computer screen to see if there are any problems with the design that need  to be corrected.  This is called critical thinking.  It involves observation, correction, and re-evaluation. Below is a list of things you should look for in a design with the simulate sewing tool.  Once you see an area of concern, you can return to the artwork tab to correct it before you send it out as a stitch file.  Evaluating your design before stitching is just one of the many steps required to create a great design. 1.  Make sure the stitch order is correct–stitching from the background to the foreground. 2.  Evaluate if the stitches do not corner nicely.  Perhaps you need to edit a

Quick Tip Tuesday – EQ7 and Windows 10

Posted 06-28-2016 by Heidi | Posted in: Quick Tip Tuesday

EQ7 is compatible with Windows 10. We do recommend that you always deactivate your EQ7 before changing your operating system. (Sometimes the old operating system will take up and activation if you don’t deactivate EQ7 first.) However, we’ve been hearing that some user’s computers are automatically updating to Windows 10. If that happens, and you can’t open EQ7, you need to contact techsupport or 419-352-1134 and we will be able to fix it right away. See more information about activation and deactivation.  

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