Dec. 29, 2008

EQ6 and Quilts for Nepal

Read this story sent to us by Carol Clasper about how she and some friends were able to give back with quilting and some planning with their EQ6.

“I just wanted to share a story with you. I was teaching at the LQS and one of my students, Claire Wenham, had just returned from a trip to Nepal. Whilst there she saw a school for deaf children which was poorly resourced. She wanted to do something to help the children and after discussing a few ideas decided to make a quilt to auction to raise money to send to the school. I offered to design a quilt in EQ. It had to be simple as we were going to ask people of various skills to donate blocks. I designed a quilt using half square triangles in blue and white fabric.

The ladies from the classes at the LQS ladies from my other classes at the Community High School and others all donated enough blocks to make two double bed sized quilts. In class we arranged the blocks and set about stitching them together. A friend kindly quilted them on her longarm machine for a nominal fee (one was quilted for free). Claire bound them and the quilts were raffled. £2,700 was raised for the Nepal children’s school so they now have decent sleeping accommodation, a bathroom and better cooking facilities – all funded by two quilts designed using Electric Quilt.”









Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us Carol. Read more about this project on Carol’s blog.

Dec. 26, 2008

"Who's Your Mama" Contest

Check out the picture above. Click on it to see a larger picture.

Can you match all the EQ babies to their EQ moms?

When guessing, match numbers 1 through 5 to mommies A through D. Correct answers will be put in a hat and drawn at random. Up to ten prizes will be awarded. Each prize is for $50 of EQ products.

To enter, please send an email to with the following:

Subject line: Mama Contest

Your Full Name
Your Email
Your guess

Please enter only once.

Good luck with the contest! Emails must be received by 9am Eastern January 28, 2009 to be considered. Thanks!

Dec. 26, 2008

Kaleidoscope Collectors – Lesson 3

The next lesson for Kaleidoscope Collectors is ready:
Foundation Fundamentals Part 1

This month we’re going to be drawing inside one wedge. Next month, I will show you my tricks for duplicating the wedge around into the other 7 spots.

Have fun! Don’t forget to vote for what comes next after this 2-parter!

-Andrea :)

Dec. 24, 2008

Post 24th Shipping Schedule

For anyone placing orders this week/weekend. Here’s the shipping schedule after Christmas.

Wed, Dec. 24 – Normal UPS deliveries. No UPS pickups.

Thurs, Dec. 25 – Office closed, No UPS pickups or deliveries.

Mon, Dec. 29 – normal

Tues, Dec. 30 – normal, 2nd day packages will arrive Jan. 2

Wed, Dec. 31 – Normal UPS deliveries. No UPS pickups.

Thurs, Jan.1 – Office closed, No UPS pickups or deliveries.

Fri, Jan. 2 – back to normal

Dec. 24, 2008

EQ Printable Ornaments

Carol Skrube, from Sheboygan, WI, makes these cute ornaments and holiday momentos for her kids using the EQ Printable Farbics. She writes, “Last Christmas I made snowman ornaments using Debbie Mumm clip art and my family and friends photos. For Easter I used bunnies I had done in EQ and their photos. I use the fabric for labels that I design in EQ and I especially like the cotton lawn, it is so nice to sew in.”
We just love how perfect those baby cheeks are on the snow man!

Dec. 23, 2008

Happy Holidays From the EQ Babies!

We couldn’t help ourselves… spreading a little Holiday Cheer from the 5 adorable EQ kids Aidan, Derek, Ben, Aly, and Ellie.

Enjoy :)

Dec. 22, 2008

EQ6 – Rated "E" for Everyone!

Meet Mairi, Nora, and their mom Sara. Long time EQ user Sara introduced quilting to her daughters who have been having a GREAT time designing their own quilts and now they want to share them with the world!
This is such a fun moment between mother and daughters and we really enjoying seeing the different generations and age groups passing on their love for quilting. Plus, it just goes to show you how user friendly EQ6 really is! Now, granted these girls are extra smart and have creativity on their side… but if they can do it then so an you!

Great job Mairi and Nora. Your quilts are beautiful!

Sara won 3rd place in the “EQ the Mouse Hunt” contest. And of course, that was also a mother-daughter activity. Together they surfed the EQ website looking for EQ the Mouse and wrote down each page they found him. I’m sure there were lots of shrieks and giggles each time they saw him.