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Another use for EQ6

Posted 02-03-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

This adorable blog header was made in EQ6 by Judy Butcher of Virtual Quilter blog. Oh, the things you can do with EQ6! Judy is an active blogger and EQ6 user. She posts a new virtual quilt every day! She’s amazing. See a few of her daily quilts below and then go check out her blog.

Our First Blog Badge/Give-a-way Winner

Posted 02-02-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Joyce Michael of “And Sew On…” Blog and shop is our first EQ Blog Badge winner! Joyce will be receiving a prize to give-a-way on her blog so look out for that! And Sew On is a really neat and personal blog about quilting, sewing, and Joyce’s many other talents. Recently she posted a story about wedding gowns and it’s just amazing! Not only did she get to see her mother’s wedding gown from 1949 but also her Grandmother’s wedding gown from 1915! What an amazing opportunity! These photo looks like an opportunity for Premium Cotton Lawn printable Fabric! What a cool quilt that would be with all the old wedding photos!

Another Kit from Sue Spargo

Posted 02-01-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Another cute project kit from Sue Spargo using Sue Spargo: Folk Art Dreams CD. This on is called Wild Tulip Sac and it’s a great little zippered sewing sac made from hand dyed wool and fun cotton fabrics. Includes a flower appliqué and finished with a colorful lining, rick rack, button embellishment, dog zipper pull and hand inked label. Full instructions included as well as a really easy technique to insert a zipper.

A Blast from the Past to Bring in the New Year

Posted 01-28-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Going through some old articles we stumbled across this old article written by our own Penny McMorris back in 1994 (click here to read the full article). Yes, sixteen years ago and just a few years into The Electric Quilt Company’s existence. At that time Penny was a Art Curator for Owens Corning, and was writing a three-part series on quilting past, present, and future. This particular article we found focuses on what sort of new technologies will affect quilting by the year 2010. Penny could not have been more right on! It’s such a fun read now that 2010 is here. Plus, the floppy disk in the illustrations bring back some memories! Here is an excerpt from the article: Imagine the future. Pretend it is the year 2010. You wake to NQC, your clock-television’s 24-hour National Quilting Channel. While you breakfast, a friend appears on your computer monitor, calling

New EQ Blog Badges and Give-a-way!

Posted 01-27-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

We’ve made three NEW blog badges for you. (We also take suggestions for new ones.) Display one on your blog and then let us know by writing to Sarah Shriver at sarahshriver@electricquilt.com. We may choose your blog to receive a free prize to give-a-way on your blog!

EQ6 Simplified; "Just 15 minutes a day"

Posted 01-26-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

This is an official WELCOME TO EQ for Kelly Jackson! Kelly, like others, wasn’t sure she could learn EQ6. She let it sit in the box for some time before a friends, SewCalGal, helped her muster up the courage to dive in! With the help of EQ6 Simplified, Kelly spent just 15 minutes each day working through a step-by-step lesson. In no time Kelly was nearly a pro. Kelly documented her “journey through EQ6 SImplified” on her blog, I Have a Notion. It’s a fantastic ode to how great of a tool EQ6 Simplified can be for helping weary EQ6ers get started. If you are considering EQ6 Simplified but still aren’t sure if it’s the right book for you make sure that you read Kelly’s blog. She does a great job of illustrating how the book is supposed to work.Kelly says, ” I’m hooked. I know I will continue with

Printable Fabric Idea

Posted 01-25-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

We found this fun idea on Sew4Home’s project blog that we wanted to share with you. It’s a really cute fabric and paper envelope project that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day cards. Follow Sew4Home’s instructions to make this cute envelope. You could even use EQ Printable Fabrics to print your own custom fabric for the envelope!

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