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New ClubEQ Challenge Ready for Your Entries

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The Two Block Surprises challenge was so popular in 2004, we’re doing it again! Challenge leader, Barb Vlack, says to: “Design a quilt combining two blocks to get secondary designs. Explore new possibilities for block combinations. You may be surprised.” To participate in the challenge: 1. Start a new EQ6 project. Name it after yourself and the challenge like this. I’m Andrea Bishop, so mine would be 200911AndreaB or 200911ABishop. 2. Design a quilt using ALT+click to set blocks. Recolor the quilt and Add it to the Sketchbook. 3. Design a second quilt if you like. 4. Email the project as an attachment to penny@electricquilt.com before November 30, 2009. All participants will receive all the projects from the month they participate in. So if you had done the 2-blocker challenge in 2004, you’d have received 253 quilts for submitting one! Send in those entries! This one is easy and fun!

Free Flower Patterns and Instructions from Amy Butler

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Look what Amy did! Amy Butler is offering a free paper flower pattern with instructions called Paper Iris and the bouquet is beautiful! She instructs you to make the flowers with her paper designs but we thought wouldn’t Peel n’ Stick fabric be neat too!? You could print any design you wanted onto the Peel n’ Stick Fabric then place crafting wire in between the fabric before folding the sticky sides together so that the petals are more pliable. How fun! What a cute crafting project for a special event center piece or a children’s bedroom.

"Thoroughly Modern Dresden"

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We learned about this fun new book full of fresh and modern dresden designs and had to share it with you. Fiber artist Anelie Belden has taken the traditional Dresden Quilt design and created a new updated Dresden Design which are featured in her new book titled Thoroughly Modern Dresden published by C&T Publishing with a release date of June 2009. Not only are the designs modern but the construction is also updated to make the block sew together more successful and with a variety of design options. In 2001, Anelie’s original design, Nature’s Gift, was featured in Kathy Sandbach’s book, Show Me How to Create Quilting Designs, published by C&T Publishing. She wrote a monthly ‘Block of the Month,’ article which appeared in the local newspaper the Amador Ledger Dispatch. Anelie also appears monthly as a guest speaker on the local TSPN TV Station, “Amador Live,” demonstrating quilting techniques. And Anelie

More Good Stuff From Houston

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There are always lots of new, fantastic things to check out at Market. One of the books we noticed this year was A Passion for Piecing by Claudia Clark Myers (C&T Publishing). The book uses paper piecing to make incredibly complex looking quilts. We asked Claudia if she uses EQ and yes, many of the quilts in the book were designed with EQ. Claudia says “I found that the ability to print out the foundation patterns to give to the quilters making the projects for me was extremely helpful.” Check out the book at the C&T website A Passion for Piecing and Claudia and her quilting/business partner Engelking’s website at www.2muchfunquilting.com and www.quilterswarehouse.com

Mary Ann Sell's Sticks and Broomstraws

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Mary Ann Sell started hand quilting in the 80′s, moved on to machine piecing and quilting, and made traditional quilts for years. She eventually decided she wanted to stop using others’ patterns and design her own. Enter EQ6 into the picture. Mary Ann says: “I love to do raw-edge fusible applique and make quirky quilts, and that’s what I’ve been concentrating on with my Sticks and Broomstraws pattern line. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I had recently taken a class in EQ6 Appliqué with Patti Anderson at QuiltUniversity.com. One of the class lessons focused on using the WreathMaker and I got the bright idea to use that function to make Halloween themed wreaths.“ “I had a blast choosing the spooky elements that I wanted to “dance” around the wreath. My Harvest Quadrille pattern was born! That success has led to more designs that I hope to publish in the future.”

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

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Check out this little Trick or Treat bag! It’s inspired by the creative designs in Sue Spargo: Folk-Art Dreams. Sue uses a lot of cotton focus fabrics combined with the easily cuttable wool appliqués. Here Heidi cut some easy felt shapes and did some freehand quilting to hold them down. This is Derek, one of the many EQ babies, ready for some candy!

Marje Rhine gets an Honorable Mention in the Hoffman Challenge

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A big Congratulations goes out to Marjorie Rhine of Damascus, OR. Her quilt, “Transformed”, won Honorable Mention in the 2009 Hoffman Challenge – Mixed Techniques division. Marjorie also wrote Painless Paper-Piecing and is a Pattern Editor for American Quilter. Check out more of Marje’s work on her website: Quilt Design NW (http://www.QuiltDesignNW.com )

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