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The Matterhorn Quilt is Finished!

Posted 03-28-2010 by Sarah | Posted in: Uncategorized

Back in March of 2009we told you about a quilt Leslie Hagood was making inspired by the Matterhorn Quilt from the book, “Quilts In America”. Well… IT’S FINISHED and it’s beautiful! Leslie says, “It took a lot of patients and about 8 and a half months but, I did it.” We are so proud of you, Leslie! This quilt is amazing and it’s such an accomplishment. So Impressed with your perseverance and talent. THANK YOU for sharing the finished product with us.

Fantasy Garden Quilt by Nancy Rink, Fabrics by Erin McMorris

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Did you see this quilt in The Quilter Magazine May 2010 issue?! Fantasy Garden was designed by Nancy Rink, a long time EQ friend and user. We saw the quilt and instantly fell in love with the design. we love the applique on the side and the use of scraps for a binding. So cute! Nancy always does stunning work. And then we realized a bonus… the fabrics used in this quilt are Wildwood, designed by none other than Erin McMorris, for Freespirit! What a fun and beautiful collaboration!

We Want to Know Winner

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A while ago we asked for you to share how you use EQ6 in creative ways. So many of you  and we so appreciate your great ideas! One person was randomly selected to take home a prize and that person is Denise Russart. Congrats Denise! She will be receiving a My Dream House cd. Thanks for playing everyone!

Changing Gears Quilt from AAQG

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Jennifer Padden, of Austin Area Quilt Guild, sent us this image of a BEAUTIFUL quilt made by the guild. We had to pass on the photo so please read about their project: This design evolved over a 5 month period. Our guild show theme was “Changing Gears” and I needed to come up with an appropriate Raffle Quilt design. With a lot of co-chair input this is the final design for the Raffle Quilt for our guild show in September 2010. The colors in the traditional storm at sea design were manipulated to represent actual gears with cogs and intersecting sizes. Despite my poor photograph it is a stunning quilt. It is actually one of the most square quilts our quilter says he’s ever worked on. Using printouts from EQ6, the foundation paper piecing was done by various members of the guild and custom quilted by Rex McCaskill of Castle Path

EQ Budgies

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Check out these Budgies drawn in EQ6 by Carolyn Laukkonen. Carolyn drew these Budgies as illustrations for children’s poems and stories that her friend writes. How cool is that? EQ for story illustrations. She explains more below: Hi, just sharing what I made with EQ6 today. (I left a note on the EQ blog as well). A friend of mine writes stories and poems about budgies for young children, based on true experiences and adventures of her feathered friends. I created these budgies using EQ6 motif appliqué tools. I then used the same appliqué parts to make several blocks, flipping, rotating, and turning them over. Exported the image into my graphic program where I added text (and shadows and a background), turning them into illustrations for her children’s online story book about the adventures of her budgies. The completed budgie blocks and the story they illustrate is at http://www.budgietales.ca (storybook)

EQ Crossword Winner

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Thank you all for entering the EQ Crossword contest to win an EQ6 Companion Book! We had 13 people get all the answers right and from those one winner was randomly chosen: Sherry Cote is our EQ Crossword winner! Great job Sherry. And now for the answers: Answers Across: 2. .koob siht morf nrael ll’uoy ,retupmoc a htiw retliuq a er’uoy fI ANSWER: DigitalEssentials 3. May 2009 interviewee. ANSWER: Deb Karasik 5. Barb Vlack’s traditional December recipe. ANSWER: Marshmallows 9. A collection of the most recent fabric lines from the top manufacturers. ANSWER: STASH 10. The EQ6 Appliqué Drawing book is number ____ of the companion books. ANSWER: Four 12. Quilt Design Wizard February Project of the Month. ANSWER: March Madness 13. Name of the original EQ Newsletter. ANSWER: Floppy Gazette 14. Who’s da man!? (I mean, Who’s da Mouse!?) ANSWER: EQ Mouse 15. Fran Gonzalez’s series. ANSWER: Simplified 16. The image

EQ User Takes Home Blue Ribbons!

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Linda E. recently shared her exciting news with us. Two of her quilts that were designed in EQ6 took blue ribbons at the Hummingbird Stitchers Quilt Guild show! How impressive. Linda even used blocks from Kaleidoscope Collection for one of her designs. Take a minute to admire her work. Way to go, Linda!

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