Jul. 09, 2009

Papillons by Nancy Rink

Nancy Rink is an EQ6 quilt designer who was recently featured in the July issue of The Quilter Magazine. The large appliqué butterflies nearly jump off the quilt! I wanted to know how she designed the quilt and how she drew the butterflies so I asked her to tell me a bit more about the quilt design. She had some great EQ design tips that needed to be shared. Here’s what she writes:

“As far as design goes… the appliquéd butterflies were inspired by butterflies in two of the fabrics featured in the quilt. (see swatch). On a sheet of plain white paper, I sketched the butterfly until I got a version I was pleased with. Then I imported it into EQ6 and resized it to fit a 12” block.  Using the “freehand” and “Bezier curve” tools I traced my sketch. After tinkering with the shapes a bit a finished appliqué butterfly block emerged. I imported all of the fabric swatches that were possibilities for the quilt (I did not use them all) and created several different block colorways. (see example).  Now I had a block, so the layout work began. How many blocks? Sashing? Borders?  EQ6 makes it so easy to play with all of these design options. Typically I become overwhelmed somewhere in the design process and have to put the project aside and let it “marinate”. The version I had originally planned to make had another scalloped border, but once I began the actual quit construction, I realized it was one border too many. The border corner teardrop shapes are smaller versions of the butterfly wing teardrop layer. It was quick and easy to resize the teardrop, move it, rotate it, copy and flip it, and make a cute little block that repeated shapes from the main design.”
To make a beautiful scalloped edge like Nancy did, check out the irregular borders that have been pre-made for you in the Tablerunner Quick Quilt project. Save these in your My Library for use in any project. They are then set on Layer 2 around the outermost border. (See page 169 of the User Manual for more help.)
See more on how to make a perfect half circle for scalloped borders in a previous blog entry from Andrea.

Although Nancy wasn’t aware of the available irregular borders before this project, I have got to hand it to her, she created a great work around to design and plan for the quilt to have scalloped edge. I want to share it with you as inspiration;

“For this specific quilt Nancy chose to use a “Not too long ago I bought this nifty little adjustable scallop template made by Wrights, and it has inspired me to start incorporating a lot of scallops into my quilts. I’m normally not much of a gadget person, but when I find something that really tickles my fancy I use it to death. Once I figured out how to use the template, I began to think about how to transfer the scallop to EQ6. I’ve come up with a couple of relatively easy methods. The first is to draw a block with a scallop. (see image)  This is relatively easy and once you have your scallop block, you can copy it from project to project. For outer border, to achieve the scallop look so you can visually inspect how it might look on your quilt, it’s easiest to simply use the Double Orange Peel block (sides) and Orange Peel (corner) blocks. Color only part of the block, then toggle off “Outline Patches” and “Outline Blocks”. Here’s a picture of how my quilt looks in EQ6 with the lines toggled on.”

Nancy could have drawn her own motif and saved it to her sketchbook for an original border. The voided space will not be calculated into your printed template or fabric yardage. If you don’t know how to do something in EQ6 I urge you to check your manual or companion books, call tech support, or just experiment like Nancy did!

Visit Nancy’s website at NancyRinkDesigns.com

Jul. 08, 2009

Quilt Gallery Going Strong

Have you seen our quilt gallery lately? We just added another page of designs:

This is a relatively new section to our website. It’s a chance for quilters, teachers, designers, and even EQ staff to show off their EQ designs. Not only is it fun seeing quilts that are identical to the EQ design, it’s just as much fun seeing how blocks or fabrics were switched on the design wall to make these spectacular finished quilts.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their photos, projects and stories so far to penny@electricquilt.com.

Keep sending them! We have enough for 2 more pages right now… and we’ll keep adding them as you send them in.

Thanks again!

Jul. 08, 2009

New Contest – Name the New Block

Send in a name (or names) for Andrea’s new block. We’ll pick our favorite, plus 4 runner-ups. If your block name is among our fave five, you’ll win a copy of our new Quilting Designs: The Quiltmaker Collection Vol. 6 CD (or your choice of the other Quilting Designs in the series).

Send an email
To: penny@electricquilt.com
Subject: Block Name Contest
Body: your name and the block name(s)

Entry deadline: July 20, 2009

Click to download this new block as an EQ6 project.

Jul. 06, 2009

Dot to Dot Quilt by Kevin Kosbab

This quilt was designed by Kevin Kosbab and was featured in the American Patchwork & Quilting’s August issue. I simply love this quilt! I think it’s so fresh but also a really fun EQ6 design!

I asked Kevin to tell me a bit about his quilt;
“I did designed it in EQ6, drawing a PatchDraw circle on a plain block and a smaller circle on each quadrant of a four-patch block from the Block Library, using the grid to keep the circles aligned with each other. Then I set those blocks alternating on the Quilt Worktable. It was great to be able to see how it would look in different fabrics since I was aiming for a contrast of prints and solids. And just for fun, I played with Random Recolor a bit to come up with some other color schemes–like the Verner Panton print that inspired the quilt, it’s a pretty versatile pattern.

Below is a photo of the actual quilt next to the EQ digital version of the quilt:

Kevin used a feature in EQ6 called the Random Recolor Tool. Have you tried this yet? It’s a really fun tool that lets your experiment with color schemes without having to think about it! Recolor your quilt to be lighter/darker, more or less saturated, change the colors around the color wheel or even randomly color your quilt with a click!

See a few of his random recolor versions below:

Thanks for sharing all your hard work, Kevin. Visit Kevin’s website to see more of what he does.

Jul. 02, 2009

EQ Office Closed Friday July 3rd for the holiday

July 4th is a holiday in the US. The EQ Company will be closed Friday, July 3, 2009.

If you’re ordering online, your order will be processed Monday.

For tech support, don’t forget to check the Frequently Asked Questions on our website and the forums.

Have a great weekend.

Jul. 01, 2009

Quilt by Daphne Stewart

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Are your hot dogs ready for the grill? Sparklers waiting to be lit? I think we’re all in the spirit for a little celebration so to kick off your Fourth of July weekend take a peek at Daphne Stewart’s 13 Stars and 13 Stripes quilt, featured in Quiltmaker this month. She designed this quilt in EQ5 and presented it to Quiltmaker back in 2004! Quiltmaker jumped on the chance to show case the quilt and now we finally get to see it in 2009.

Here’s what Daphne tells us about designing her quilt:
“I remember I started with the idea of a horizontal quilt, sort of like a rectangular flag. I had sewn a small flag with one star and scrappy red stripes in the days before I had EQ and I thought I’d expand on that idea. In that file, I had about 18 versions of the 13-star segment paired with horizontal stripes and thought I was making progress. But as sometimes happens, a “better idea” took over.
~ Daphne Stewart

Well it certainly turned out great, Daphne! Daphne says in the Quiltmaker magazine;

“I liked the way a simple change of color in the small stars creates a frame for the big star. Red, white, blue and stars – That’s a happy combination for me.”We agree!

Jun. 30, 2009


Quilts hold a story
Each block tells a timeless tale
Of life’s great journey
by: Micki Butler

Our guest judge Gyleen X. Fitzgerald has selected 5 winning haiku. Congratulations to:

Carolyn Laukkonen
Micki Butler
Jacquelyn Jacobi
Arizona Lagousakos
Jodie Witherell

Each winner will receive a free Quilting Designs CD of their choice.
This was a hard contest to judge because your entries were all SO creative! Who knew you were as poetic as you are artistic?! See the winning entries, along with ALL the other terrific haiku here.


Special thanks to Gyleen X. Fitzgeral for juding the contest and doing the hard part! How did you ever choose, Gyleen!?