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EQStitch Sunday Stitch #13

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Seeing Turkeys everywhere reminds me of when the kids were in pre-school and they traced the shape of their hand and colored it in to be their own Thanksgiving Turkey artwork.  Very simplistic, yet so effective.  A basic hand shape was all they needed in their creative process. We have shape tools built into our EQStitch program.  You don’t have to use any drawing tools to create an embroidery design.  Just use the shape tools and create your design beginning with the background elements and moving forward to the foreground elements. Open your EQStitch program and restore the defaults to the program through the FILE>Preferences menu. Click on the stitch worktable icon and open a new drawing board by clicking on STITCHING>NewDesign>Embroidery. Click/hold the black arrow at the bottom of the toolbar and add all the tools to the toolbar. Use only the shape tools to click/hold/drag/release the shapes you

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #12

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Sometimes all I need is a cup of coffee to refresh myself.  A little quiet time and a chance to decompress goes a long way. Did you know that EQStitch has designs all ready digitized for you to use?  You can use them as they are or edit them for your personal touch. Launch your EQStitch program from the desktop. Set the program back to the default settings to start the new project.  Click on FILE>Preferences and restore the defaults. Find a design all ready digitized in the stitching library.  Click on LIBRARIES>Stitching Library. Choose any design you want from the library.  I need a cup of coffee.  I want an applique design.  In the library box, under the EQStitch Machine Applique heading, click on ‘home and leisure’ heading and locate the pink coffee cup.  Click on the cup to select it and then click on ‘add to sketchbook’ at

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #11

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Traveling to sewing shows in the Spring and Fall is always a really busy time for me.  This week I go to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to teach at the Creative Festival.  After that I go to the Houston International Quilt Festival to teach EQStitch  and EQ7 classes.  The very best part of the traveling is that I get to meet so many people and hear what they are doing with the program.  They also share with me the types of lessons they want to have in the future.  That is really helpful for me.  The worst part of traveling is that I am away from my sewing machine and don’t have time to test sew my design ideas. I recently taught a machine embroidery class in which we made fobs.  You can see these at my groups website under the September class heading.  These quick and easy little projects

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #10

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Wow! 10 weeks of Sunday Stitch all ready!  My goodness the time is really going by fast. Time is the number one commodity I can never quite get a grasp on.  It seems like I am always rushing to get things accomplished.  Somedays, I think I have a moment of brillance hit me but I don’t have time to develop it right then.  So here is a little tip I will share with you  if you have the same problem of time getting away from you. I have a project file I created called ‘practice folder’.  I set it up in my EQStitch and then when an idea hits me, I quickly try to work out a simple design with the idea I have and place it in the sketchbook in my ‘practice folder’ project file.  This way I can go back and open the sketchbook and look at what

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #9

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I am always under a deadline for something so I need to get creative really fast.  Maybe you find the same thing happening when you need a last minute gift.  I love using the tools in EQStitch to quickly develop a design ready to be stitched in minutes. 1.  Double click on the EQStitch icon on the desktop to launch the program. 2.  Once your program opens, name a project file for yourself. I am calling mine ‘Variation on Dresden Plate’. Be sure to click ‘OK ‘ at the bottom of the box. 3.  If you have been changing your settings in the program for other projects, be sure to reset the defaults for the project before you start. Click on FILE>Preferences and restore the default settings. Relaunch the program and open the project file named ‘Variation on Dresden Plate’. 4.  Click on the ‘stitch worktable’ icon at the top

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #8

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How many of you are ‘Cross over Crafters’?  By this I mean, how many of you do more than one type of crafting and use the elements of one type of craft in another type of craft.  I suspect many of you are like this.  It is great that our EQ program allows us to be quilters and machine embroidery enthusiasts and combine the two loves in one program. But, I do more than that.  I often use the artwork in the EQ7 side of the program and capture it to use in other programs.  I often just print the artwork onto fabric and then use that as the guidelines for my free motion thread painting. EQStitch allows me to create designs that I use in quilting, home decor, clothing, and crafting of all sorts.  A very simple design can add an impressive expression to other projects.  Have you ever

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #7

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There is an old expression ‘The Devil is in The Details’.  Loosely translated, if applied to machine embroidery, it means that the finished project may look good, but the process of the stitching may not be satisfactory.  The details of how you digitized a design are as important as the finished project.  Think of a red work design.  It is all one color and ideally will stitch from one element to the next without a lot of tie off stitches or jumps.  The back of the work will look as smooth and finished as the front of the work.  Yet, we have all come across designs that look great but stitch very erradically jumping from one spot to another.  How annoying!  The smoothest stitch out considers the ‘pathing’ of the design.  With EQStitch we can use basic shapes and set them to path correctly to avoid these jump stitches. 1.

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