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EQStitch Sunday Stitch #3

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I have to design lessons for several different classes I am teaching on the use of EQStitch.  I find myself constantly returning to my favorite tool for my samples.  That tool is the Wreath Maker tool.  It is so easy to create repeated patterns of a design.  They do appear in a circle, but I can move the individual elements outside of the circle line if I wish for a new look. 1.  On the stitch worktable , set up the worktable to be an embroidery table. 2.  Click on the ‘drawing board options’ icon on the properties bar. In the drawing board box, set the embroidery edge setting to a bean stitch with a shortened stitch length of 1.5.  The shortened stitch length allows the stitches to easily sew around a curve for a smooth stitched look. Set the embroidery fill setting to be a smooth stitch.  Be sure

EQStitch Sunday Stitch #2

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The hardest thing I had to do when I first started using computer programs was to find the support I needed as a newbie.  I was surprised how little help there was out there for any of my programs. I had to search out help/lessons by myself.  My sewing store that sold me my first digitizing software told me they were a sewing machine store and not a computer store.  They had to promote and sell the software that went along with their computerized embroidery machines, but they really had no idea how to use it.  So–it was self teaching for me!  I did find a couple instructors in the world that I could attend a class by them, but it was really way over my head as I had never used a computer before, let alone understood anything to do with digitizing!  But, the more I studied the more

EQStitch Sunday Stitch Blog #1

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Although EQStitch was designed for the beginner level using auto digitizing, it can indeed create some pretty amazing works of art with just the simplest tools. 1.  Launch your EQStitch program 2.  Click on the ‘stitch worktable’ icon at the top of the screen 3.  Click on STITCHING>New Design>Embroidery    4.  On the toolbar at the left side of the screen, click on the little black arrow at the bottom. In the pop up menu box, click on the words ‘add/remove buttons’ Place a check mark in front of all the tools by clicking on them.          Click anywhere on a white space of the screen to close the box  5.  Click on the ‘drawing board options’ box on the object properties bar at the top of the screen. In the drawing board options box under the ‘stitch’ heading, set the embroidery edge stitches to ‘no stitch’

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