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EQ’s Flowering Snowball Block – Putting it all together from Angela Pingel

Posted 10-25-2012 by | Posted in: Lesson Spotlight

Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces is one of our EQ Gurus. She’s a modern quilter using EQ7 to make designing easier and she will have some great tips and ideas to share here on the EQ blog and on her Cut to Pieces blog. Angela recently designed and made a pillow top in EQ and wanted to share some images with us. She writes, “I  just completed a pillow top that I designed in EQ using the Flowering Snowball block in EQ.  It’s a fairly complicated block you all have in there so I thought you might want to see some pics of it being sewn.” Yes, we would! There are so many EQers that will really appreciate that you took the time to show this here on the EQ blog. Angela has taken some great photographs of how she put this block together. Check out the Cut to Pieces blog. Angela

Packer Tracker from Sandi Walton

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My name is Sandi Walton of Piecemeal Quilts.  I am from Wisconsin, and I’ve been quilting since 2003. I’ve been using EQ for a while now and I’m a DoYouEQ Artist. Check out my blog to learn more about me. Have you seen some of the quilting books and magazines available now that feature individual blocks? Books like “Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers” or “The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns: 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters” and magazines like Quiltmaker’s “100 Blocks. They’re wonderful resources for quilters, but they can become even better resources when you use EQ7 to see how the block would look repeated, recolored, twisted or with different layouts. Check out this modern block I created in EQ7. I’m calling it Packer Tracker because it looks a bit like train tracks and it’s in Green Bay Packer colors (hey, I’m from Wisconsin). It’s a relatively

The EQ Dozen from The Virtual Quilter

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I have been the Virtual Quilter since September, 2008. For the first couple of months it seemed so easy, because I had quite a few project files which would never see the light of day without a blog with a title like Virtual Quilter. However, a few months down the track and I started to panic … there weren’t near as many designs I wanted to share as I thought … not when I was sharing one every day! I started a new project file, called it EQ Dozen, selected a dozen blocks from the Electric Quilt block library, added fabrics from the Electric Quilt fabric library, and started playing. Well, that is the short story! I am going to let you in on a little secret … I didn’t select just 12 blocks. I selected more like 30 or forty blocks, added some fabrics and started playing. Over a

User Spotlight: Bea Lee

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My name is Bea Lee (bee-ah, not Bee – I don’t have wings and I don’t buzz- just kidding). I was born and raised in Denmark. As a child I always loved drawing, especially cute cartoony type of things. After high school I went to an art boarding school in Denmark where I learned more about sewing and weaving. When I was 18 I moved to FL to go to college at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, I got my A.S Degree in computer animation; my dream was to work for Disney. But that didn’t happen, plus I was tired of drawing so much. While in college I also met my husband AND I became a Christian! So my view on life also changed. I wanted to get married and start a family. We got married in Denmark at Christmas time (2 months after I graduated) Over the next few years

PatchDraw Is Not For Appliqué Alone! From Angie Padilla

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I am Angie Padilla of Angie’s Bitz ‘n Pieces Designs. My love of quilting  eventually took over more and more of my time, until I finally decided to take the plunge and in 2003 set up a new business and now I am a full-time as quiltmaker, designer, and teacher. I’m also the author of EQ6 Applique Drawing book (now out of print. But get a free PDF chapter from the book here.). A few days ago one of my friends was showing me her latest crochet project. The family has been planning a big outdoor celebration later this month, so she has been crocheting some beautiful pitcher covers for each of the tables. Then she sighed: “It would have been fun to make these out of fabric, but I just couldn’t find a pattern for them.” I had never heard of a pitcher cover before, and after an online search

User Spotlight: Susan J. Jensen

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Designer, Teacher and Quiltmaker and owner of Quilted Escapes® Susan J. Jensen is the British Columbia designer of Quilted Escapes. Susan’s patterns  combines a variety of techniques from beading, stitchery, wool appliqué and foundation paper piecing that gives a romantic feel to her quilt designs. She designs for Northcott Fabric, and RJR (Trend-tex) and has been featured in “The Canadian Quilter” and “A Needle Pulling Thread” and now on the editorial team of the first national Canadian quilt magazine “Quilter’s Connection”.   Through her exposure at International Quilt market her patterns can be found in quilt shops from the coast to coast in Canada, United States and England.  You can find her at “A Great Notion” Quilt Shop a few days a week, if she is not in her studio, as well as travelling teaching at quilt shops, quilt guilds, retreats and consumer shows. With a wonderful sense of humour, the love

EQ7 Image Wortable and Modern Parrot By Dianne Gronfors

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One of the big new features in EQ7 is the Image worktable. Once of the features of the Image Worktable is that is has 45 different image effects, including artistic, noise, blur and many more. There are also filters that allow you to sharpen, unsharpen, or detect the edges of your image. In browsing the July ClubEQ Challenge (this challenge was titled, “Birds!“) we found this quilt entry by Dianne Gronfors of Bracebridge, ON Canada. So cool! Dianne explains how she used the new features of the Image Worktable to create this quilt: “I picked an image of a parrot and then used Image>Apply Effects>Distort>Zoom Wave to come up with this modified image. I’ve set it as a one-block wall hanging that is reminiscent to me of modern art.” We love this beautifully creative thinking for both the Birds challenge and using the Image Worktable to design a stunning quilt. Thanks for sharing with

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