I started taking quilting classes when I was nine years old! One of my teachers at the time was EQ Margaret. She mentioned the Electric Quilt Company and after I graduated college, I decided to apply. I’ve now been working here for over 12 years! I’m excited to share tips and tricks on the blog as well as interesting magazine articles, and other quilty happenings.

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Quick Tip Tuesday! Strip Layout with 60 Degree Diamonds

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The formula below works for diamond borders as well as strips in strip quilts.

  1. Click QUILT > New Quilt > Vertical Strip (or Horizontal strip).
  2. Click the Layout tab, then click the Add or Delete button until you have the number of strips you want.
  3. Under Select strip style: select from the following: Diamonds or Half Drop Diamonds.
  4. Under Number of blocks along length: choose the number of diamonds you want along the strip.
  5. Under Strip size:follow the formula below to arrive at the width.Divide strip length by number of blocks along length.

    Divide this result by 1.7320508. (This is the square root of 3). This gives you the strip width.

    Multiply by 2 to account for the extra diamond across the strip width (for Double Diamonds and Half Drop Diamonds borders only).

    For example:

    Strip length: 70”
    Number of blocks along length: 10
    70” divided by 10 = 7
    7 divided by 1.7320508 = 4.0414519
    Round this to: 4.0415
    Strip width = 4.0415

  6.  Click Quilt > Quilt Worktable Options > Snap Settings. Under “Palette sliders will jump by:” choose 1/32 inch.
  7. Type the strip width size into the Width box. Your diamonds should now be 60 degree diamonds.
  8. Click Strip 2 on your quilt.
  9. Under Select strip style: select from the following: Diamonds or Half Drop Diamonds.
  10. Under Number of blocks along length: choose the number of diamonds you want along the strip.
  11. Under Strip size: follow the formula in step 5 to arrive at the width.
  12. Type the strip width into the Width box.
  13. Repeat these instructions for all other strips in your quilt.
  14. Click the Layer 1 tab when you’re ready to set blocks or color into your layout.

    We are here to help! If you have questions about this, or anything else please contact tech support.

Quick Tip Tuesday! Medallion Quilts!

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Click WORKTABLE > Work on Quilt. Click QUILT > New Quilt > choose Horizontal or On-point. Click the Layout tab. Under Number of blocks, make Horizontal 1 and Vertical 1. Under Finished size of blocks, make the block size you want. Under Finished size of sashing, you can create a small border around the medallion by choosing a sashing size other than 0.00. For Horizontal Layouts, you must also click the check “Include sash border.” Click the Borders tab. You can now create as many borders, in whatever style you would like, to create multiple borders surrounding your central medallion. Click the Layer 1 tab. You can now set blocks, including into the sashing. Note: If you want a center square larger than 48″, click QUILT > Options > click “All Styles” under “Layout Options” > increase the block size allowed. If you want to use square blocks in your

Club EQ – Flying Geese

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April’s Club EQ THE CHALLENGE: Barb Vlack says,“The annual contest theme at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah this year is Flying Geese. Let’s see what we can do with Flying Geese that takes our quilts away from being predictable and ordinary. If you play with the concept (even if you have no desire to make the quilt you design), you may be approaching my favorite pastime – playing with EQ7 as a video game. It’s really fun to try new ideas and look for more inspiration! My two examples have a lot of white negative space in them and offer some non-traditional ways of presenting Flying Geese. They are designed primarily from blocks in the EQ7 block library, though I did design a few of the blocks myself. Take the challenge! See what new and different way you can present Flying Geese!” Find out more about Club EQ! >>>>Download

Quick Tip Tuesday! Lone Star Quilts

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There are a few different options… Using a Lone Star from the Library Click LIBRARIES > Layout Library > Basics by style > Stars. Now scroll through the layouts, toward the end, and you’ll see Lone Star layouts. Click on the one you want. Click Add to Sketchbook . Click Close to close the Library. Click the View Sketchbook button. Click the Quilts section of the Sketchbook. If you have other quilts already in your Sketchbook, scroll through to find the Lone Star layout, and click to select it. Click the Edit button. The Lone Star layout will now be on the worktable. Creating your own Lone Star If you don’t find the Lone Star you want in the Layout Library you can design your own. Click LIBRARIES > Layout Library > Basics by Style > Stars. Click Add to Sketchbook to add the first layout. Click Close to close

Quick Tip Tuesday! Pieced Sashes

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To set a pieced block into a sash space. Click the Layout tab at the bottom of your screen and add Sashing. Click Libraries > Block Library. Find the blocks you want. Click Add to Sketchbook and Close. On Layer 1, click the Set Blocks  tool. CTRL+click on a sash space. This will set your pieced block into half the sash spaces. Repeat to fill the other sash spaces. Click the Rotate Block  tool. Use CTRL+click to rotate alternate sash blocks needing rotating. Tips for finding a block that works well as a pieced sash Look at LIBRARIES > Block Library > Sash Blocks These square blocks look good in sash spaces. But they look odd in the Library because they were drawn as rectangles, to fit sash spaces. Therefore they look “squished” when displayed in squares. Look at LIBRARIES > Block Library > Border Blocks Many of these blocks

Quick Tip Tuesday! Adding Embellishments/Embroidery

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In EQ7, this library is called the Embroidery Library and the tool used to set the designs on the quilt is called Set Embroidery. In EQStitch, the library name was changed to Embellishment Library so that the designs would not be confused with those created on the Stitching Worktable of EQStitch. Add an Embellishment to your Sketchbook Click LIBRARIES > Embellishment Library. Click the Import button and choose either From Project or From Embroidery Files. Add as many designs as you want to the Sketchbook by clicking to select them.• Use CTRL+click to select multiple files at once. • Use SHIFT+click to select a range of files. • Use CTRL+A to select all the files in that folder. Click Add to Sketchbook. Click Close. Note: You can also import embellishment files from other projects or from .EXP files. While in the Embellishment Library, click Import and make a selection. Choose

Quick Tip Tuesday! Applique Letters on Top of the Quilt

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Click Worktable > Work on Quilt. Click Add/Remove Buttons . Click Set Applique Text if it is unchecked. Click Layer 2. Click the Paintbrush  tool. Select a fabric or color for your text. Click the Set Applique Text tool. Choose the font, style and size in the Applique Text box. (This can be changed later.) Hold down your keyboard SHIFT key, then click and drag a box on the quilt. Type your message. Click the Adjust tool. Click the message you just typed. Drag the text by the center to move it. Drag the text by a corner to resize it. Click Add to Sketchbook  .We are here to help! If you have questions about this, or anything else please contact tech support.