Apr. 12, 2014

Easter Crafting with EQ

You can do all kinds of things with EQ, besides quilting.

Here are some Easter eggs with silhouettes.

You can learn how to draw silhouettes in EQ7 here.

There are also many free printable on the internet. You can print any of these onto EQ Printable Fabric and make fun fabric Easter projects.

Make a fabric bag that you can use year after year. Or a pillow, fabric mask, fabric place cards…even greeting cards can be made out of fabric!

Or, you could use our EQ Peel and Stick, it’s fabric on one side and sticky like a sticker on the other. You can run it through your printer just like any of our EQ Printables!

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to Heidi@electricquilt.com.

Happy crafting!

Apr. 11, 2014

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Apr. 09, 2014

Quilting Designs Sale Extended! Ends Tonight!

Apr. 08, 2014

Behind the scenes account: Making a Raffle Quilt for the International Quilt Festival in Houston

Kimmy Brunner at afabricplayground.blogspot.com has been chosen to make raffle quilt for the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Kimmy says her first thought was “Oh my gosh, I have got to make this quilt a showstopper! and the first tool I turned to was EQ7.  The software has allowed me to draft a difficult and elaborate pattern that I think will turn out very well indeed. Thank you so much for making this tool available to me!”

You can read more about her quilt making here and here and watch her blog for more updates, too!

Kimmie continues on her blog, “I have found [EQ7] to be utterly invaluable when creating quilts that are out of the ordinary. I’m not exactly what you might call a math whiz and, unfortunately, a lot of math is required when drafting funky quilt patterns. Using this software frees me from the math part and allows me to focus on the creative part, which is exactly what I want. One of the other things that I really like about this program is that it allows me to quickly see where I’m going to run into trouble and allows me to make the changes needed to head that trouble off at the pass.”

Congratulations to Kimmie! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

Apr. 05, 2014

Easter Mug Rugs

On Pinterest I’ve seen some cute Easter Mug Rugs.


So, I drew some up in EQ7.

You can download the EQ7 project here.

If this inspires you to make something, let us know! Email photos to Heidi@electricquilt.com.

Mar. 31, 2014

New Downloadable Stash Available!

Mar. 31, 2014

Free Spring Quilts for EQ7, EQ6 or Quilt Design Wizard!

20 free spring projects! They will all work with EQ7, EQ6 or Quilt Design Wizard. They will automatically open with Quilt Design Wizard but here are directions on how to open them in EQ7 or EQ6. Enjoy!