Do you EQ? Sandi Blackwell does!
Author, designer, speaker, teacher and owner of “Stitched Buy”

“My ability to design and create quilts would be impossible without EQ!”

I have been using Electric Quilt since EQ3 when I started my custom-order quilt business.  It was the easiest way to show clients what their quilts would look like and give them a choice of designs.

Since that time I have become an author, designer, speaker and teacher. I use EQ for classes and creating new Block of the Month and other designs for my students. My greatest achievement has been designing quilts for my Square-agonals® books and patterns. My books and patterns are based on quilts created with my Square-agonals® technique; a simple, creative way to create on-point quilts without cutting any corner or setting triangles, no math calculations or sewing in diagonal rows.

Without EQ I would have never been able to accomplish all the designing I need.  My latest venture with EQ is a new line of Square-agonals® designs to be taught on cruises, workshops, retreats and of course future publications!

My relationship with EQ will go on and on and on!

Thank you EQ!

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